HARRY POTTER Becomes the Bad Guy in Awesome Fan Trailer


In terms of storytelling, the Harry Potter books and their movie adaptations don’t exactly break a whole lot of new ground. They’re brilliant, of course, however the conflict is very black-and-white and it adheres to the stereotypical ‘chosen one’ trope. That’s why fan edits like these are so interesting, because it completely turns the entire story on its head and asks – what if the boy who lived was a villain? They actually manage to make it quite convincing. Watch it below!!

The possibility for Harry to turn into a villain was certainly there. If he wanted he could have joined Voldemort or become a Dark Lord himself, but he stuck to the light path – even if flashes of darkness did come through, as evidenced in this fan trailer. It does make you think about how other characters viewed him and whether anybody thought he was more of a dick than not. Part of me now wants to read some alternate Harry Potter books where he evolves into a villain, a la Breaking Bad.

As an actual trailer it isn’t amazing. Making Harry look like a bad guy is a tough feat but it does drag on a little; perhaps a re-arranging of clips would have given it some more oomph. BloodBlitz Comedy is tackling Game of Thrones next, though, which I’m really excited to see.

Potheads – how differently would Harry Potter have turned out if the lead protagonist became another Voldemort? Sound off!