Gwen Stacy’s Death Teased For THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2


If you’re a Spider-Man fan, you’ll know that Spidey’s endured a lot of his tragedy in his life, one of the most notable being the death of his girlfriend Gwen Stacy. When Emma Stone was cast in Stacy for the 2012 reboot, fans wondered whether she would suffer the same fate as her comic book counterpart in future movies. While nothing has been revealed yet, Emma Stone did tease Gwen’s fate today when talking about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on On Air With Ryan Seacrest.

Basically they’re going to see the continuation of the Spider Man story, which is the hero’s journey, and he’s up against a whole new squadron of villains and he’s struggling with promises he’s made in the last movie and the consequences of making those and what it’s like to be in love with somebody who you promised to not see anymore. I think the intention the whole time has been to tell Gwen’s story has closely to the comic as possible.

Now, just going off that statement alone doesn’t prove anything. However, last summer some photos released from the set of Amazing Spider-Man 2 that showed Stone is an outfit that looks a little familiar.


Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone on location for  "The Amazing Spiderman 2"

Then, Total Film released official images from the film two weeks ago, one of which featured Gwen in that same outfit and looking a little worse for wear.


Wouldn’t you say her clothing in those pictures look similar to what she was wearing when she died in the ’70s?


Now, there’s still a chance that Gwen will manage to stay alive, and perhaps Peter will rescue her at the last minute. After all, we got a recreation of the bridge scene in the 2002 movie with Mary Jane substituted for Gwen, and Peter managed to save her and a tram car full of people. Stone is a big enough movie star that maybe Sony wants to keep her on for the rest of the series. However, don’t be surprised if Gwen happens to perish in the upcoming sequel. A movie with her AND Green Goblin? I’m not liking her chances.

I have mixed feelings on this. On the one hand, I’m interested to see how they would interpret her iconic death for the movie. Would it be a direct adaptation of the comic book and show her being thrown off the bridge, or would they try something different? On the other hand, if the Green Goblin ends up being her murderer, I will be extremely pissed. Don’t get me wrong, I want the Green Goblin to be responsible, but NOT what appears to be the Harry Osborn version.

From what little I’ve seen of him in pictures and trailers, I’m not very pleased. The albino, snowboarder goblin is not a good look for him (a little too reminiscent of what we got in Spider-Man 3), and I hate that we’re getting him instead of Norman Osborn on the glider. Sure, Norman might take the reins in a future movie, but only he truly has the privilege to be responsible for Gwen’s death. Having Harry kill her? That’s comic book blasphemy!


If Gwen has to die, I want it to be done right, and until I get more information regarding either her fate or Harry’s role as the Green Goblin, I do not like the way this particular storyline is heading.