Gravely Ill 7 Year Old Boy Gets His Wish… Becomes Batman For a Day

It’s not often that you read a heart warming story about the Caped Crusader and his encounters with city police, but this particular one is a special exception. A seven year old boy by the name of Kye has been battling cancer for the past year, and his only wish in life was to defend justice against evil doers in the gutters of Gotham City. Well, since that’s not a realistic possibility, the Arlington police orchestrated a huge adventure for the tiny tot in their own jurisdiction. They dressed him in the finest toddler Batman suit and sent him into battle against the worst societal scum their city has to offer (or in this case, local community actors). As I’ve said, the story is pretty damn heart warming, so before you watch this clip, make sure you buy a full box of Kleenex and the finest bon bons you can find!

SOURCE: videogum

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