Who doesn’t love free stuff?

The correct answer is: nobody, especially when said free stuff is Star Wars toys. That’s right – your least-favourite geek news site has teamed up with to give away three awesome action figures from the Black Series: Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in their Stormtrooper kicks from A New Hope – and Chewbacca, who unfortunately never got the chance to dress up and look all pretty.

Star Wars Black Series Han Solo 6" Action Figure

Neat, huh? Kinda wish I could enter this competition.

In this crummy modern age, the traditional rules of a giveaway are to retweet something and follow the site on Twitter and/or Facebook – but that’s boring as shit, and we’re cooler than that (or at least that’s what we tell ourselves). Another common theme is simply asking a yes/no question, and picking a winner at random, which was our original plan. However, that’s boring too, and all questions regarding Stormtroopers are either really easy or super-hard. So we settled for something a bit more interesting.

Fanboys and fangirls are famous for petty, rage-fuelled arguments about their favourite characters, often pitting them against each other or writing long and detailed pieces of fan-fiction which see them making sweet, sweet love. That’s exactly what we want you to do – err, the first one.

If Kylo Ren, Master of the Knights of Ren, were to meet his ultimate idol, Darth Vader – and, for the sake of this question, they were to do battle – who would win, and why? Would Kylo’s savagery and angst overcome Anakin Skywalker’s precision and super-high Midichlorian count? Give us a great explanation and we’ll give you toys!


Whoever ‘Sel-Artworks’ is, they’re pretty good

You can make your explanation long, short, funny, ridiculous, epic – whatever, just describe to us which Dark Side user would come out on top and why.

How to enter? Simple. Shoot us an email at and write away!


The competition is open from today (Monday 25th January) for a week – until Monday 1st February. So geek-up, readers, and get writing!