GEORGE CLOONEY Casts His Judgement on Ben Affleck as Batman

Almost everyone’s already chimed in on the “Ben Affleck is Batman” news that shocked the world (and it shouldn’t have shocked anyone, really, since WB’s been chasing Benny Boy for the past 2 years), but apparently no one asked one lonely actor what he thought of this Batman vs Superman news: George Clooney.

If you were among one of the forgetful few who didn’t remember Danny Ocean’s days as the Caped Crusader, don’t feel too bad. Actually, you should count yourselves lucky, as watching his Batman & Robin was one of the truly awful cinematic experiences of my youth. But maybe I should preface that really mean statement by admitting that I only ate chicken nuggets and Surge at the time, so my palate (in all forms) was a bit muddled.

In any case, when Mr. Clooney was questioned regarding Ben Affleck’s coronation as the Dark Knight, Georgey had this to say:

“I am the least qualified person to comment on anyone playing the role of Batman since I so terribly destroyed the part. I tend to look at it like this – let’s just see what the movie is before everyone starts beating him up. He is a smart man, he knows what he is doing.”

Well played.

Even though I don’t support the massive Affleck backlash, I’m hesitant to blindly support the thespian, even though his recent directorial displays have highlighted my years with a few memorable movie goings. Although, as long as Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne is convincingly old, grumpy, and down right dastardly, I’m sure he’ll easily rise to one of my favorite Bat-actors.

By the way, do you remember when Batman had nipples?  Shit was weird.

SOURCE: Empire

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  • Apple

    Props to cloony for keeping it classy.

    • Leslie Dawson

      Oh batman

  • Orange

    How is Ben Affleck at all qualified to be the next Batman…

    • grape

      how is he not qualified

      • Strawberry

        How isn’t he not qualified?

        • Martin Fulton

          Because he’s non non-non, non, non, non-non, non heinous?

    • lyleUS

      How are you, at all qualified, to know who would make a good Batman?

      • Dougie

        How are you at all qualified to use those superfluous commas?

        • JohnToner2

          He’s right and you know it, so you become a jackass and correct his use of commas to look like an Internet hero by looking up synonyms for “redundant”. I bet you’re very fun at parties.

          • internethero

            It seems like people thought dougie’s remark was funny. Are you trying to be an “internet hero” by calling him out? He made a funny remark which is the classic “fun at parties” thing to do. You are being a downer. A not so fun at parties quality. Yet, this isn’t a party. Also, being fun at parties isn’t the most valuable attribute to have as a person. Luckily for you, eh? Oh, and nice run-on sentence.

          • jandal

            And the cycle continues

          • MEEEE!!!

            He is, fun, at parties.

    • asdf

      Heath Ledger. Enough said.

      • Somewhatfamous

        Seriously enough with the Heath Ledger. Different person and different role. Don’t compare. If that’s the case then lets all say “Daredevil. Enough said.”

        • fdsa

          I think it’s a fair comparison, Heath Ledger was a widely panned casting choice for the Joker, and the internet hated it. But a thoughful actor, strong script and a masterful director created an iconic performance. If the argument is that you can’t judge a movie before it’s made, I think Heath Ledger is a good example.

          • Martin Fulton

            Yet that’s exactly what happened with Clooney, and that turned out the opposite.

          • David Porter

            The larger concern should be Zack Snyder…

    • RMartian

      Qualified? He’s been in a lot of movies, in a variety of roles and made a lot of money because of his face and talents. Does he need to have spent years in a mountain top dojo with ninjas?

      It’s a film role, you have to be an actor to be “qualified.”

      • internethero

        He is the opposite of qualified actually. Remember daredevil? Yeah, he already crapped up a hero role.

        • RMartian

          DD and Batman are two different characters, in two different movies, in two different decades. Affleck has played solid roles and bad roles, just like every actor ever.

          Also, a movie is the sum of MANY parts, so DD wasn’t mediocre solely because of Affleck. There was plenty wrong with the movie.

    • David Porter

      He was the bomb in Phantoms, yo.

  • Platonia

    Cloony is one awesome dude. Kudos. P.S. I thought you made a good Batman! It’s the first batman movie I ever bought.

    • internethero

      You realize Clooney is not going to read this, right?

  • RMartian

    Is Clooney trying to steal Kilmer’s rightful title as worst Batman ever?

  • davelog

    Clooney was not a good Batman. He was, however, a good Bruce Wayne.

  • Douchebag Rodeo

    You spelled “judgment” wrong in the headline. Spell Check. Try it.

    • Stephen

      You’re a fucking idiot.

      • DKP

        Why? Because he is correct?

        “In American English, judgment prevails in all contexts.”

        • Bob

          Because you can actually spell it both ways…and yes, both are accepted as correct.

          • DKP

            Only in British English, with context. Did you not see my quote?

    • Leslie Dawson

      I’m batman

  • spooky

    Hey guys remember when Mr. Mom was Batman?

    • Duddy

      He was pretty damn good in the cowl, as I remember.

  • Tom Smith

    Stallone should be the next Batsman

  • Tom Smith

    The nipples on that suit need to go.

  • Podd Socks

    Good On ya georgie boy.

  • Novel Sequels

    Ben Affleck is reportedly furious after Matt Damon slammed him playing Batman in new article, here’s the link