A good composer can make a bad film suddenly good, or an already good film great. Really good music can get you pumped up, or tense, or sad, or whatever else the film needs you to feel. A good composer can sometimes pick up the slack from the director or writers. Anyway, DC has given Frederik Wiedmann the job of composing the musical score for two upcoming projects: the animated series Beware the Batman, and the DTV film Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.

Frederik Wiedmann previously composed the score for the Green Lantern animated series. Some of his other work includes composing the music for Company of Heroes, and various horror films including Blood Ranch, The Hills Run Red, and Hostel: Part III. His work on Green Lantern got him two Annie Award nominations.

Beware the Batman will air on Cartoon Network’s DC Nation block this Summer. The CGI animated series follows Batman, his butler Alfred, and female samurai Katana as they face some of Gotham’s worst criminals, including Professor Pyg. Wiedmann says that he is “Creating music to compliment the unique look and vibe” of the show.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on July 30. The film adapts the Flashpoint story arc from DC Comics. In the film, Flash gets warped to a parallel dimension where everything and everyone are different than he remembers. Wiedmann says that the score “Really has everything, from subtle emotion to all-out action”.

Well, at the very least, Beware the Batman and The Flashpoint Paradox should sound nice. I think Wiedmann has a future at DC.

Source: World’s Finest