First Trailer For R.I.P.D. Is Kinda A MEN IN BLACK Rip-Off

If you’re feeling like you’ve been absolutely bombarded with new trailers this week – you’re not the only one, and it’s not over yet. The first trailer for the upcoming movie adaptation of the comic R.I.P.D. Rest In Peace Department hit recently and to be honest… It looks like a dud. The film stars Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges in the film’s two lead roles as ghost secret agents hunting down souls who escape judgement in the world of the living.

If you hadn’t noticed already, it sounds a LOT like Men in Black, and the trailer doesn’t exactly help shake off that comparison. Swap Will Smith for Reynolds and Tommy Lee Jones for Jeff Bridges and you’ve got R.I.P.D. But I have to admit, it looks at least watchable, but maybe for a rental. Check it out below:

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What do you think? Was it as crap as most people thought? Share your thoughts below.

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  • Jester

    Actually – no, I don’t share your opinion. I thought it was a fun trailer and will most likely be a fun movie. Who are “most people”? I’m also pretty sure it will be better than the dismal MIB 3. And considering that 15 years have passed since MIB 1 (the last really good entry in the film franchise), I for one welcome our new spectral police department overlords.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      Are you kidding me?!?!?!? I thought MIB 3 was the best in the series, far better than the second one. That ‘twist’ at the end was so damn cute and touching

      • Jester

        That ‘twist’ was so horribly constructed I almost complained to the TV screen (a single car on the beach with only the boy inside, the job offer and he must have been blind as well not to realize the body lying not even five feet from him!). Other than that, there were not enough aliens, 1969 was only a premise for a few bad period jokes, comedic timing was off and Griffin was five times as annoying as the pug/the worm guys, but not even half as funny. Was J hit with a dumbing ray between films? Seems he’s still surprised at his co-worker’s attitude/excentricities after 14 years!

  • Lesley Luke

    I loved MIB1, MIB3 and I had a happy at this tongue in cheek trailer. It might be a welcome relief to the dramatic sci fi we have on our plates this year. Not saying I would rather go see this at the cinema than say ‘this is the end’ (obviously Star Trek, Superman, Elysium etc would be first choices) but possibly this could be a laugh.

  • joffy

    It looks like a fun film and it has 2 of my favorite actors so no i don’t think it looks as crap as “most people” think. After some of the real crap that has come out at the flicks of late i look forward to this film.

  • Gabriel Wingman

    …all I can say is that those are some badass pistols!

  • Bailey Bednar

    looks like a fun movie… better than the last 2 MIB movies.

  • rufus

    Wow.. that looks like a gigantic stinker! The whiff coming from my computer after watching the trailer is no less than utterly rancid! So it looks likes Reynolds’ career continues to plumb more and more awe inspiring lows.

  • Goober

    MIB was way over rated, not bad, but way over rated, this looks fun, not great, but fun

  • Nathan Paul Kennedy

    I think I’ll just re-watch Dead Like Me to be honest….