Doctor Doom’s Look For FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot Is Bizarre

Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot: it giveth, and it taketh away. Last month, we saw a leaked image of what The Thing will look like in the upcoming adaptation of Marvel’s First Family. With most news about the 2015 film being dubious as best, it was it shined a piercing light on my skepticism. Ben Grimm’s appearance in the previous Fantastic Four movies was good, but this Thing looked like he hopped straight out of the comics For one brief moment, I had positive feelings about something in this movie. Well, last night dropped me to a lower level on the excitement meter. It was fun while it lasted.

Geek Pride has leaked images of Doctor Doom from the set of the reboot. While it’s unclear whether Toby Kebbell is in the suit, this is likely what Victor von Doom will look with the mask and cloak getup.



As you can see, this particular shoot took place in a green screen room, so whatever is happening in this scene, expect it to be a visual spectacle.The man with Doom in the first picture is apparently Jamie Bell’s stunt double. The second picture is more intriguing. First off, on the right hand side is a glowing figure suspended in mid-air. So far, the most popular guess is that it’s a pre-CGI Human Torch, although whether Michael B. Jordan is in the suit is unclear. Second, Doom is hovering in the air as well. I pray to the comic book gods that it’s because he has a flying device and due to some power he obtained. If there’s one thing we learned about adapting Doctor Doom for films, it’s that you don’t give him abilities, electric, flying or otherwise!

Look, I get that with superhero, sci-fi, and fantasy movies, you can’t truly judge them until you see the final product. It’s not complete until after post-production is finished. That being said, what the hell is going on with Doom’s look? Are those his actual clothes, or is it a weird SFX getup that will eventually be layered over with CGI. The mask looks decent, although it looks more like it’s enveloping his whole head rather than just placed on it. I wonder if we’ll get a similar scenario to the previous movies where his body begins to be covered by a strange substance. If that’s the case, why? What’s so hard about giving the man with the deformed face armor to wear?

Whatever’s going on with Doctor Doom, I’m sincerely intrigued to see his final look with all the bells and whistles come June 2015. Whether I’ll like it is another story.

SOURCE: Geek Pride (via