FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot Release Date Confirmed

2015 is shaping up to be one hell of a year for movies. With Star Wars: Episode 7The Avengers 2, Justice League and Ant-Man all coming out, it’s set to be a great year for movie fans. And today, we can add another movie to the list: Fantastic Four. The reboot of the series (following the less-than-successful two movies made about five years ago) has been in limbo for a while, but it’s finally moving ahead, and 20th Century Fox have finally nailed down a release date for the reboot: 6 March 2015.

The untitled (but at a wild guess, it’ll be called Fantastic Four) reboot will be helmed by Chronicle director Josh Trank and will be penned by Jeremy Slater. It’ll be (and you might want to wear a helmet, because this will blow your mind) released in 3D – as will other Fox movies X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Wolverine and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

At a guess, it could be the start of Mark Millar’s ‘ Fox Marvel cinematic universe’ that he’ll be spearheading at Fox…