Even Andrew Garfield Wanted SPIDER-MAN To ‘Hook Up With Marvel’

Back when your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man was rebooted with The Amazing Spider-Man, fans believed it would be the perfect opportunity to link arms with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They were right, of course, but Sony had other plans. They wanted to set up their own shared universe of Spidey movies starting with the sequel, but it all kinda failed in dramatic fashion. I’m sure we don’t need to recount that story here since it’s pretty well-told by now, and you’re all aware that the wall-crawler will indeed be in the MCU, played by Tom Holland. If you didn’t know that then where the hell have you been?

An original supporter of a Sony/Marvel double act has emerged in the form of Andrew Garfield, who played Peter Parker for two movies before being kicked to the curb as an unfortunate part of this new deal. As this was basically his dream role you’d think he would be incredibly bitter, especially since he’d been promised to star in dozens of movies. Instead, he actually sounds like he’s totally up for a re-invented Spider-Man, and always was.

I’ve been petitioning to hook up with Marvel since the beginning, so I’m really glad they’re finally doing it.

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This isn’t exactly a surprise. It’s the actors and other creative people who want the cross-overs, but the suits typically say otherwise (Hugh Jackman wants to be in an Avengers movie). Garfield sadly won’t get the chance to exchange bad jokes with Iron Man – unless they do a Shattered Dimensions movie! – but this does mean that he can just enjoy the future of the character as a fan rather than as an actor. He also delved a little into the creative process of The Amazing Spider-Man 3, revealing that he’d already started kicking ideas about with writer Alex Kurtzman, and you can read about that at Uproxx. We’ve heard about some of these “ideas” before from Denis Leary during Comic-Con, but fortunately the actors’ beliefs regarding the would-be movie don’t seem to correlate.

Should Sony and Marvel have hooked up sooner? Probably. Sony obviously weren’t interested at the time but thanks to the gift of hindsight it probably would have worked out better; we would still have Andrew Garfield as Spidey (who was great) and audiences wouldn’t have to sit through a third iteration of these characters. What could have been, huh?

What are your thoughts on this? Is Garfield right? Sound off below.