Drew Goddard Will Write DAREDEVIL Netflix Series

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It was recently announced that Disney, Marvel Studios and Netflix were teaming up for a bunch of Marvel TV series. TheWrap has word that Drew Goddard is the first writer attached to one of these new TV projects. Drew will write the Daredevil series and should ease fans concerned about the turn to television. Goddard directed and co-wrote (with Joss Whedon) on the very interesting horror flick Cabin In The Woods. His television credits include Lost, Alias, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel. They add the show will “kick-off” next year.

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I wouldn’t be shocked to see Drew end up directing this or the eventual film (if successful).┬áThe aim currently for the character is to have him along with Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron First to have their own solo series. Then put them all together for The Defenders mini-series. My assumption is that since the high-profile of the character we could be seeing some bigger names being looked at for Matt Murdock. Instead of the regular unknowns they have testing for television leads. This role will likely bleed into the films or it’s own solo franchise. Let’s hope that Marvel will include The Kingpin, The Hand and Elektra. No word on what the vision is for the series but Joe Carnahan’s (Narc, A-Team, The Blacklist, Nemesis) plan for a (NC-17/R-rated) Fox film set in the 70’s sounded amazing. Joe even put together a solid looking sizzle reel for his idea before the rights reverted back to Marvel. Having these shows set in Marvel’s 70’s era New York City could be really compelling.