Don’t Boycott Ender’s Game

Enders Game BannerAs a Jew, Orson Scott Card is not one of my favorite people in the world. In most interviews that I have heard from him, ender's game moviehe comes off as a homophobic, antisemitic a&$hole who does not deserve my money. The problem with this idea is that I read Ender’s Game in 6th grade, then again in 9th grade, and once when I went to college. It is a great book (though I personally am not a fan of the rest of the series). But I was a fan of the book, before I knew who Scott Card really was. A couple people who are close to me have chosen to Boycott the movie, and it is not an uncommon idea. I’m here to say don’t. New information has surfaced that needs to be known before the boycotts. Orson Scott Card will be making $0 on this movie.

That’s right the author is making squat. According to The Wrap the contract that Card signed for the movie was signed over a decade ago, and all the money he would be making was paid off then. Card was screwed by Hollywood. The contract was signed before the technology was ready for this movie, and before authors like JK Rowling and Stephanie Meyers were getting percentages from the box office. Card stood to gain a lot of money on this movie, but instead he only made his $1.5 million.

Ender's Game (2013) trailer HARRISON FORD (Screengrab)Besides everyone associated with the Ender’s Game movie has actively tried to distance themselves from Card and his extremely anti-gay ideals. Harrison Ford said that Card’s opinions have nothing to do with the movie and we shouldn’t associate them. Ford in the past has publicly stated he is pro gay marriage.

The reviews of the moviehave pointed out a number of problems, which may or may not have merit, I haven’t seen it yet. But for people avoiding the movie to hit Orson Scott Card, your fighting a battle that he has already lost. If you really wanna hit him, stop buying his book. Ender’s Game is at the top of the New York Times fiction Best Seller list. If you have read the book, and you liked it, go see the movie. Don’t worry about Card, Hollywood did it for us.

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