DISNEY Disappoints Fans, Plans STAR WARS Origin Stories

It seems that Disney is trying to milk the Star Wars franchise for all it can get. We knew there were rumors that in addition to the upcoming sequel trilogy, Disney would release spin-off films in the years when none of the “Saga” films were coming out. Not the greatest idea, but it might work. Well, in a press conference with investors, Disney’s chief financial officer Jay Rasulo stated that those “spin-off” films would be origin stories.

That’s right, people. MORE prequel films. Exactly what every Star Wars fan wants!

Here’s the icing on the cake: apparently casting for a young Han Solo has been in the works for a couple months now. The casting description reads, “Han Solo, but young.” Descriptive stuff there, guys. If there’s one thing an auditioning actor loves when considering a role, it’s no description of the character except for referencing his “age.”

Let’s ignore the fact that we’re going to get burned out from seeing a new Star Wars film every year starting in 2015. If there’s one thing we learned from the prequel films, it’s that it’s not always necessary to see the past or origins of out favorite characters. Sometimes, keeping some mystery makes the story better.

More importantly, this seems like a blatant attempt at a cash-grab, which many have accused Disney of for months now. At least the sequel trilogy makes sense; we get to see what our favorite Original Trilogy characters have been up to since Return of the Jedi.

The origin films, though? I don’t want to see what Han Solo was up to as a rambunctious youth. Strike that, I already know what he was up to, there’s a series of books about it. If people want to know so bad, tell them to read those.

One last thing: if the Han Solo film is now less of a rumor and more of a sure thing, this means those rumors of films about Yoda and Boba Fett are also more likely to be true. Never mind that Yoda is better off as a supporting character (and hearing his speech pattern for a whole feature film might drive me insane), but a Boba Fett prequel film? I’d much rather see Boba escape the Sarlacc Pit and continue being the most bad-ass bounty hunter in the galaxy rather than see how he became that bounty hunter.

I would have thought Disney would learn from the mistakes of Lucasfilm. Clearly I was wrong. Well, if they’re going to move forward with this, at least make sure the actors can act well. If I’m going to be exposed to the background stories of characters that I haven’t seen in a while, I at least want to make sure the actors playing them are convincing enough.

Let’s at least get that aspect of these prequel films right. Not like last time…

SOURCE: BleedingCool

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  • chris

    That was quite the piece of prejudice bullshit. Disney will do right by me, and further, Han solo, but young is plenty descriptive. Saying a pirate but young would be a mistake, but han solo is quite the character.


      Dear god, give it up…prejudice? No. All Disney is doing is setting the character up. Those who want the job, need only act like what they’ve seen. But mind you we are talking young here. You know like teenage Han Solo (since the original began his smuggling career at 19). You know where he’s recruited by Shrike, and is raised on the ship Trader’s Luck, taught by Dewlanna (a wookie), and we find out the debt he had to repay her. You know the origin story most fans already know.

      Disney…come on man. fans want something NEW. Not “New-ish”.


    The problem is that Disney allowed many months of rumors to circulate, and then those rumors became heads above better than what Disney had in plan. Fans were setting themselves up to be disappointed, and it took a quote from Lucas to try and stop them. Now I do know Lucas gave an outline to Disney as reported the day the sale went down…so assuming it is true, this isn’t all Disney’s fault. If anything Disney is going to pump out 7, 8, & 9 really quickly to get their obligation to George out of the way.

    With that said, with so many high caliber book out since the outstanding Heir to the Empire. There was no wonder why so many fans drooled at the prospect of seeing Thrawn. These books are part of the continuity, so this is not a case where a completely original story can start immediately after ROJ. Now would I like to see a future episode? Yes. Something after the Solo kids go nuts? Yes. But assuming these movies were going to be retellings of the books (you know the stories George didn’t write)…was just a pipe dream, that most were setting themselves up for disappointment for.