Damon Lindelof Teases Klingons For STAR TREK 3

Star Trek Into Darkness isn’t even out in cinemas yet, but a ton of press/journos have already seen the film… So naturally talk turns to what will happen in the sequels. In an interview with Hey U Guys last night at the red carpet premiere of the movie, Damon Lindelof dropped a few hints towards the basis of the third and future movies, which includes the Klingons…

“You can never see enough Klingons, and I think in this film we’ve given the audience a little taste, but there’s also a promise that there’s a larger conflict on the horizon, and that would be fun to see.”

“You can’t talk about Trek and not talk about the Borg, and certainly about Q. Very iconic adversaries from The Next Generation which is, outside of the original cast films, was my entry way into Star Trek, so I wouldn’t mind getting – towards the end of our run on Star Trek, maybe baby Picard could be born. There has to be some sort of crossover we’re not thinking of.”

I’m not a really big Trekkie myself, but I am a fan of J.J. Abrams rebooted lore so I look forward to watching Star Trek Into Darkness next week. What do you think? Would you like to see Klingons as the main villains in Star Trek 3? Share your thoughts below!

SOURCE: Hey U Guys