D23: DOCTOR STRANGE Sounds Wacky as Heck

Doctor Strange

Going on right now at the D23 Expo, Disney’s very own special convention, is the panel which pretty much everybody is most excited for: ‘Worlds, Galaxies and Universes: Live Action at the Walt Disney Studios,’ the panel which is all about Disney’s own live-action output and the stuff people actually care about, Marvel and Star Wars!!!

First off, Marvel took to the stage to talk about Doctor Strange. Unfortunately there was no footage to show (since they’re not actually filming), however they did show off some concept art and Benedict Cumberbatch appeared in a video message, but the art sounds cool as heck. Check out an assorted selection of fine tweets below…

I mean, I knew Doctor Strange would be unique, but twisting entire buildings? That sounds fucking awesome, and it means that the movie will once again be returning to the western world, rather than the action taking place in the Tibet mountains or in some other dimensions. That would have been nice but I suppose Marvel won’t want to miss out on awesome visual opportunities.

It doesn’t look as if any of that will be getting released online, but on the off-chance something does then we’ll make sure to get it up. Doctor Strange will be hitting theaters next November, including “girls, cars, explosions, astral projections . . . the usual fare”.