CUT TO: Podcast – BLACK MASS and Spectrographs


This week on CUT TO: we’re joined by our good friend Cody Lawrence (@mach1monorail), writer and director of the upcoming short film Spectrographs & Soliloquies (@Spectromovie), to discuss the awesome-sounding project. Afterward, we review Black Mass, which is being hailed as Johnny Depp’s return to form. Is it? We let you know.

You can definitely say this episode is a return to form for CUT TO: we know you recognize filler when you hear it. Plus, Cody gives some insight into Disney’s The Jungle Book and other upcoming live-action remakes from the studio.

Spectrographs and Soliloquies sounds pretty damn great, right? The movie can only happen with your support, however, so head over to the Kickstarter page to read more about the short and the talented people involved. Currently, $4,678 has been pledged of its $18,000 goal to be reached by October 9th. If you liked the sound of it in the podcast then make sure to back the movie and support awesome, original sci-fi!

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