Critics Hate MAN OF STEEL

We reported yesterday that MAN OF STEEL lost the great review war of 2013 to IRON MAN 3, according to Rotten Tomatoes at least. At the time, this Superman reboot received only 68% approval, compared to Tony Stark’s 77%. Well, today’s reviews have unleashed a deluge of more dismissive articles, criticizing Zack Snyder’s retelling as an “all show and no substance” rendition of the Big Blue Boyscout. And to make matters worse, MAN OF STEEL has officially fallen into “Rotten” territory, now sitting at 59%.

Not only is that a MASSIVE disappointment for Warner Bros., it’s a damn embarrassment for producer Christopher Nolan, who’s so meticulously managed his career up to this point.  I wonder if there’s any hope of the Dark Knight Saga director involving himself with a Justice League flick at this point.

As I’ve said in our previous article, our geeky brethren (like IGN and CBM) have given the movie nothing but praise. And I’ve seen the phrase “Best superhero movie ever” mentioned quite a few times, so I’m hesitant to believe the traditional critics represented by Rotten Tomatoes when so many of the writers I trust have loved the film.


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  • Dan O’Neill

    Didn’t hate it like many other critics, although I will admit that there is plenty of disappointment to be seen. Just all depends on who you are, really.

  • Chris_tuffer

    I’m very upset with the community on this one. I am an every-single-day member of CBM, have been since 2008. Every single review article, I kid you not, every single one posted about Man of Steel has been praising it like it was The Dark Knight or something. These people are reviewers and fans I have been following and interacting with as friends and colleagues for years now. I trust them.

    Now that I’ve seen the Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic scoring, I don’t know what to think. I just got done posting an article about why Comic Books are still a subculture. This is why.

    • phillipkslick

      You know, being a sci fi fan and comic fan generally means your taste in entertainment probably will differ from the mainstream when it comes to certain genres. Everyone loves superheroes and sci fi when it’s made easily accessible and streamlined, it’s fans who love it at its rawest. That’s why comic books are still a subculture. That and people for some reason think it’s childish to read something with drawn pictures. Also, remember Metacretic gave Transformers a higher score than Man of Seel, in the 60s percent-wise, so I wouldn’t trust that too much.
      Oh and though I love many elements of the Dark Knight, it had quite a few problems later in the film, one problem being it went on 15 to 20 minutes past a finale that would’ve suited the film better so that we could have a silly and unnecessary scene where Batman uses ridiculous sonar to find the Joker and takedown a SWAT team. If that was cut out, the movie would’ve been much better in my opinion.

  • Miguel Montaña

    The enemy of every awesome DC movie, a baby ass critic who found the movie toooo dark.

  • leevancliff

    Critics are becoming obsolete, ironically because of sites like Rotten Tomatoes where fans can give their input along side critics. The days of critics destroying good films while endorsing pseudo-intellectual snoozers along side fellow elitists is OVAH!

  • Michael

    I just saw this film and it was great, there’s absolutely no reason for the degree of hate that it is receiving. There’s true substance to this film, real issues and problems and I must admit at one point I came near tears. Seems to me that most of the negative vibes stem from Iron Man 3, but why the hell do people keep comparing Marvel to DC movies? Seriously, if you want to see Tony Stark make the same narcissistic jokes and fight a ridiculous fire army, be my guest, I’ll continue seeing high quality adult-geared comic films (and not just slanting Marvel, X-Men and the new Spider Man were fantastic)

    People complain that Bryan Singer’s was too emo and without action, now they want to complain that there’s too much action. Get the hell over yourselves, Superman is one of the most iconic superheroes and simply does not deserve this amount of criticism.

    Great film, cannot wait for a sequel. Hopefully for the next one haters will just stay at home or go watch Tony Stark make the same narcissistic styled humor and jokes in Iron Man 8.

    • DarkSeid

      i totally agree with you

  • Josh Machan

    Critics need to stop being stuck up dick heads and just enjoy themselves and not tear apart an awesome movie like this. They complain about the story because of the CGI and action scences being so radically exilarating they complain there is no story, that the characters are dull and stupid stuff like that. This film was amazing, the cast was perfect, the special effects and action scenes are outstanding and Henry Cavill to me is the best Superman! Can’t Wait for Justice League!

  • Ray

    I don’t know why people are hating on this movie. Screw the critics and the haters, give me a vote if you agree.

  • lightningbarer

    I saw the film yesterday and I’m still trying to get the bad taste out of my mouth. This is almost as bad as Returns, I’ve seen and love all the Superman films that Reeves was in and this…this isn’t a good movie, there’s NOTHING in it, it’s just padding between action scenes with no character development whatsoever.

  • Godabed

    I’m sorry V for vendetta, The watchmen, Blade1 & 2, Iron Man 1, Captain America were all amazing comic book movies, sorry Man of Steel is not better than those.

  • resident

    Critics are friggin retards! What they all seem to forget, is that films are meant to be ENTERTAINING! If I forget about work for 2 hours, I’m good. ANd Man of Steel was highly entertaining, special effects ruled! Pffftttttt! Pretty awesome if you ask me.