Critics Hate MAN OF STEEL

We reported yesterday that MAN OF STEEL lost the great review war of 2013 to IRON MAN 3, according to Rotten Tomatoes at least. At the time, this Superman reboot received only 68% approval, compared to Tony Stark’s 77%. Well, today’s reviews have unleashed a deluge of more dismissive articles, criticizing Zack Snyder’s retelling as an “all show and no substance” rendition of the Big Blue Boyscout. And to make matters worse, MAN OF STEEL has officially fallen into “Rotten” territory, now sitting at 59%.

Not only is that a MASSIVE disappointment for Warner Bros., it’s a damn embarrassment for producer Christopher Nolan, who’s so meticulously managed his career up to this point.  I wonder if there’s any hope of the Dark Knight Saga director involving himself with a Justice League flick at this point.

As I’ve said in our previous article, our geeky brethren (like IGN and CBM) have given the movie nothing but praise. And I’ve seen the phrase “Best superhero movie ever” mentioned quite a few times, so I’m hesitant to believe the traditional critics represented by Rotten Tomatoes when so many of the writers I trust have loved the film.