C-3PO Has Not Been Kept In Good Condition For STAR WARS EPISODE VII


Star Wars: Episode VII is a little less than two years away, and we haven’t gotten many details on the story and characters. Here’s what has been confirmed so far: it takes place after Return of the Jedi and R2-D2 will appear. That’s it. Well, we’ll probably learn more in the coming months since J.J. Abrams said last month the script was finished and principal photography is expected to start in May. Still, I think there’s one logical conclusion we can draw without knowing much else: if R2-D2 is going to appear, it’s very likely that his fussy counterpart C-3PO will be trotting next to him when we return to a galaxy, far, far away.

Although the droid and his actor Anthony Daniels haven’t been confirmed to appear (although Daniels has hinted at a return), we may have gotten our first look at C-3PO in Star Wars: Episode VII on the cover of French film magazine Studio Cine Live. Take a look!


I’ll reiterate, this hasn’t been confirmed as what C-3PO will look like in Episode VII, but if this is the real deal, I have to say I’m disappointed at Luke Skywalker for letting C-3PO’s golden exterior get rusty. You think the gold just stays like that without proper maintenance? Oh no, you’ve got  to reapply paint every so often and make sure he’s polished.

On this cover he looks like he did in Episode II when he had those rusty plates covering him, which I’m sure were dug out from a Tatootine scrap heap. That’s understandable, though, since there isn’t exactly an abundance of clean looking metal on Tatooine, but for God’s sake, Luke is one of the most important people in the Star Wars universe, and C-3PO (kind of) helped him stop the Empire. You’d think Luke would want to take good care of his droid, or at least hire someone to do it.

Or maybe it’s worse than I thought! Maybe Luke shoved C-3PO in a closet after Return of the Jedi. He was tired of his annoying personality and decided to lock him up, thus resulting in his rusty appearance. If he needs another protocol droid, I’m sure he could acquire another one from a factory on Coruscant. They would probably give it to him on the house since he saved the galaxy. Maybe Luke turning to the dark side in these sequels is plausible after all.

SOURCE: MoviePilot

UPDATE: According to Bleeding Cool, that picture was photoshopped from an Attack of The Clones promo image. So no rusted C-3PO for now, although I still have my suspicions about Luke.