Bond 24 Confirmed For 2014

With the influx of superhero movie news in the last couple of months, it’s easy to forget what’s coming this autumn: a new James Bond movie, Skyfall. It’s been nearly four years since the last entry in the franchise was released: the distinctly average Quantum of Solace, and expectations are pretty high for the twenty-third Bond movie, which hits cinemas in October. But despite the fact that Skyfall is still six months off, Sony must be feeling pretty confident about the success of Skyfall (which is justified: the movie has very little competition and the two previous Daniel Craig movies grossed just under $600 million each), because they’ve greenlit Bond 24.

Bond 24 (as it will no doubt be called until we get a title) will be released in late 2014 – so it looks like Sony will be trying to get the gap between Bond movies back down to two years, after financial problems at MGM caused Skyfall to be delayed two years. Daniel Craig will star (at least he’s contracted to star) as James Bond as usual, but it will be his last Bond movie.

So, what do you think of the news? Are you happy to see the Bond franchise continue into 2014, or do you just want to see it die? (I’m definitely in the former camp.) Sound off in the comments below.