BOBA FETT Himself Describes his Weirdest Fan Encounter


When you’re a celebrity, you often get a bunch of crazy ol’ fans asking odd requests of you at conventions. If you’ve played an iconic character then the requests can be incredibly strange. If you’ve played an iconic Star Wars character then the requests can be bordering on harassment.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Jeremy Bulloch – the actor behind one of the franchise’s most famous yet relatively silent stars, Boba Fett – has a particularly odd tale about one fan and his tattoo.

Jamie Stangroom, BBC radio host and personality, has taken it upon himself to track down a bunch of classic Star Wars actors for interviews in a series titled ‘These Are The Actors You’re Looking For’. Heh.

The biggest of the three released has been his interview with Ahmed Best, the man behind Jar Jar Binks (you’ve probably been reading about that on the interwebs over the past day), who spoke fondly of his time as Jar Jar and took the backlash quite personally. I know I’m not the only one who’s had to take a step back and think about our collective treatment of Best over the role, because what he says actually makes a bit of sense. Make sure to take a look.

But anyway! This is all about Boba Fett, ‘cos we all love Boba Fett. Check out the video below – for the tattoo part, skip to 4:41, but the rest of it is definitely worth a watch.

“You get these funny sort-of people who come up to you with, ‘”Mr Bulloch, could you possibly sign this on my leg?”‘ And he lifts up his trousers and there’s a Boba Fett. Beautiful, beautiful art.

He says, ‘”can you now sign that?”‘ I said, ‘”yeah, if you want.”‘ It seemed a funny thing to do, so I signed… less than ten minutes [later], he comes back and there’s this sizzling flesh where he’s had it done, and I said, ‘”you’re mad! You’re insane!”‘ ‘”It’s alright, Mr Bulloch. It’s hurting like mad now but it’ll settle down in a bit.”‘ Later on he comes back to show me, and there it is, my signature on him.”


boba fett artwork

UTF actually interviewed the guy back in 2012 for his thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens (you should TOTALLY check it out….). Lovely chap.

Are you one of those weird fans which Jeremy Bulloch talks about? Have you ever requested that a celebrity mutilate your body in some way – or something similarly odd? Tell us about it below!!