Bill Murray is Totally in the GHOSTBUSTERS Reboot

One of the main reasons for Ghostbusters 3 taking so long is because of Bill Murray kicking up a fuss over his involvement in the movie. He continually refused to take part and even shredded scripts for the sequel, however it looks as if it was all for nothing: Murray is in the new reboot.

Dan Akroyd confirmed that he’ll be in it about a month ago, and now Coming Soon has a variety of snaps of the actor heading to the set in Boston.



Seems kinda flimsy, right? Bill Murray could just be taking a little holiday in fine ol’ Massachusetts. Well, no. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the ex-Buster will indeed be appearing in the new movie. BUT – it won’t be Peter Venkman (probably). When Akroyd confirmed his involvement there were reports that he would be cameoing as a taxi driver, so the likely scenario is that new director Paul Feig has slotted in some of the surviving cast for small cameo roles rather than reprising their roles. I’d love to be wrong, though.

I do wonder what Feig had to do to get him in, considering the years that he’s spent refusing to do it. Buy him a week-long spa break in Boston, maybe?

UPDATE: we now know who he’s playing!

Birth. Movies. Death. are reporting that he will be playing the role of ‘Martin Heiss’. Ring a bell? Nope, it shouldn’t do. Unless your name is Martin Heiss.

Martin Heiss is a professional supernatural debunker, a sort of an Amazing Randi type, who shows up and ‘proves’ the new Ghostbusters are fakes. It’s a really tiny role, and it’s sort of the mirror image of where we meet Peter Venkman at the start of Ghostbusters II.

Now we just need Ernie Hudson back.

Ghostbusters starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon and not-Peter Venkman is out next July.