Best Friends Forever HULK and IRON MAN Team Up in New Movie

If you’ve been jonesing for an extra helping of Marvel’s animated features, then I’ve got some great news for you!

Following fandom’s reaction to Bruce Banner and Tony Stark’s onscreen bromance in THE AVENGERS, The House of Ideas has decided to dive into a full length, etched and sketched flick starring the two heroes, titled Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United

Here are the first images:

This new movie will pit the Master of Smash and his Knight in Shining Armor against the electric fiend known as Zzzax.

Yeah… the big yellow ball of lightning is about as cool as he sounds, coming in just above “Emo Spidey” on the lame-ometer.  But who knows?  Maybe he’ll receive the Laufi treatment and be kinda, sorta awesome.

The two heroes look great in the artwork above, and if they manage to construct a story of similarly nerdgasmic proportions, then I think we’ll be more than satisfied.

Still.. Zzzax?


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