BEN AFFLECK Finally Responds to Batman Criticism

Ben Affleck, our future Caped Crusader, has finally responded to the massive casting backlash he received last month. Embodying the best of Batman, Affleck explained how he “handles his shit” and will work his hardest to create the perfect adaptation of the Dark Knight. While that might not be enough for the fair lot of doubters out there, it’s more than enough for me. Affleck’s churned up a decent performance or two in his recent projects, and despite lacking the more memorable (and menacing) features of Christian Bale’s iteration, Affleck possesses all the necessary tools to create a palatable Bruce Wayne in Batman vs Superman.

Well, while talking to Jimmy Fallon, here’s what the actor had to say (btw, I’ve just transcribed this entire bit for you, but you can watch the video for yourself below):

It’s so awesome. I’m so excited. They called me up and asked me if I wanted to do this. And I thought I’m not 25 man, are you sure about this. And they said “come down we wanna show you what we’re doing”. Zack Snyder’s directing it and he has this amazing vision. Obviously you can’t do what Christian Bale did, those movies were amazing. But Zack wants to something different but in keeping with that.

And I thought this was a brilliant way to do this. I know how to hook into this. And I said “I wanna do this”. The people from the studio were so excited and they said “Listen, we want to talk to you. People go through this process and it can be trying. We want to show you some of the reactions that past cast members received on the internet.” So they send me info, and people (on the internet) were like “Kill him!”. And he was amazing!!! You can’t say anything before the movie comes out. It doesn’t matter what you think before, it matters what you think after the movie comes out.

But I thought “I’m a big boy. I can handle any snub. I can handle anything”. They said don’t use the internet for a few days, but I handle my shit. So I went to the announcement and looked at the first comment and it says “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”. And I was done! We’re going to be Luddites for a while.

Part of it is when you see the material, when you see the takes, it’s hard to describe without giving it away. But I feel like I have a lot of opportunities.

Heyo. I'm Nick Dourian, the Editor-In-Chief around these parts. Now, I went to a few other sites, read a few awesome bios, and I really want to fabricate a badass origins story for myself, but I'm feeling particularly unimaginative today, so 'f' that jazz. I read comics, drink bourbon, and cook meats. Imagine Ron Swanson, but with a fuller beard and cuter eyes.
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  • Riddler Diddler

    In case you didn’t want to read the first comment this time:

    • Leslie Dawson
      • Kit Love

        What in the fuck is wrong with you cunt? Keep your demeaning shit to yourself.

        • Leslie Dawson

          cry harder stupid cunt lolol! 🙂

          • Kit Love

            you mean like you are crying about how fucking ugly that kid in your pic is?

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          • Blatman

            Batmen does not approve of your vulgarity.

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            shit is soooo stupid…

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    • Leslie Dawson

      Speak up!

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  • Mr. Freeze

    Just chill out.

  • Alf4321

    Biber as Robin and Affleck as Batman. hahaha. The casuals are here!!!!

  • Abby

    It’s transcribed wrong, he says he can handle “the Emmy snub” not any snub. (I believe in reference to Argo)

    • Weese

      Emmys are for TV.

  • John

    I will find you Affleck if you ruin this.

  • Joe

    Typo at the end of the first paragraph: ‘Bale possesses all the necessary tools’ – I reckon that should be Affleck, not Bale

  • Wheresmymonkey

    “Bale possesses all the necessary tools to create a palatable Bruce Wayne in Batman vs Superman.” I completely agree. but you might want to change that Affleck.

    • JJ

      Christian Bale was far more convincing as Bruce Wayne than he was as Batman.

      As Batman I found myself asking “Why is Bruce Wayne doing that stupid voice?”.

      Affleck is going to be an even better Bruce Wayne, and an even worse Batman.

      • Prospect

        That awkward moment when you hear Batman and wonder if he needs a cough drop

      • Edgar Ramos

        He will be worse as both, much worse… maybe even as bad as George Clooney… he will be as bad as he was in Dare Devil and as sorry as he was in Gigli! This movie has the potential to be worse than Batman and Robin!!!

    • Unleash The Fanboy

      Much appreciated. That…. that woulda been awkard

  • aasdasd

    he already sucked as daredevil why does he get 2 super hero roles?

    • thekwazz .

      Daredevil sucked as a movie. Affleck is not a terrible actor.

      • woodycanuck

        It can be both things.

        • RabelRowser

          Por que no los dos?

      • fuckyoudickhead

        Yes Daredevil sucked, and YES Asslick is a terrible actor

    • JiffyJake

      He was the only part of the movie that was good. The movie sucked. Not Ben.

      • KahlevN

        Are you kidding? He was fucking horrible in that movie.
        He’s good at like 1-2 character archetypes, neither of which are batman or daredevil type personalities. He’s going to be fucking horrible again.

  • Podd Socks

    Ben Assleck is no bat

  • bedrockq

    As others said he sucked in that one superhero movie he was in that everyone forgot about right after it was released. Daredevil.

    Also Pearl Harbor sucked huge donkey balls. He was horrible in that asteroid movie too…Armageddon. Lot’s of fail sauce with Affleck. What was that joke of a movie he was in when Benifer was a thing. Giggly?

    • Jack Davidson

      Armageddon was good…. you can suck a chode.

    • mooiemooie

      Daredevil sucked, he was fine in it. Also, that was ten years ago. He didn’t direct that, Pearl Harbor, Gigli or Armageddon, and those can all easily be blamed on the director because nobody was very good in them.

  • Icebox1989

    I like Ben Affleck as an actor and director I just have a really hard time seeing him as Batman. That being said I reserve judgment until after the movie is out. I really really hope its good so I wish him luck.

    • mooiemooie

      If the rumors are true about them going the “older Bruce Wayne” route, a la 80s Miller, I think he’ll be perfect.

    • Silent Bob

      Well people said the samething when they casted Heath Ledger for Joker.

  • Combat_Amphibian

    The negativity only lasted a week… cause then you know, Miley Cyrus did her twerk thing.. and everyone forgot about Ben Affleck being batman.

    • Matt Damon

      wait Ben Affleck is batman!? dude that sucks! lol

      • Ryan

        This is hilarious, because it was signed, ‘Matt Damon’. I hope Ben gets to read it.

        As for Ben playing Batman? I think there have been some bad Batmen in the past, and a couple of decent ones. I think that every actor/director has a different idea about how the character should be personified, and no 2 are the same. Unfortunately, everyone else also has a similar opinion of their own, and no 1 hollywood personification is going to be to the taste of everybody. I’m sure there were a lot of people who thought that Christian Bale wasn’t suited to the part either, but that didn’t stop Batman Begins from grossing $48m in its opening weekend, or The Dark Knight Rises from placing in the top 10 grossing movies of all time.

        I say don’t judge Ben for past movies; especially for poorly written parts. Extend him the credit he’s entitled to, and reserve judgement until after having seen the movie. We have no idea what this particular Batman is going to be like, and for all we know he could be perfect for the part.

  • Ryan xero

    Jersey Bat

  • Eric Cartman

    suck my balls

  • Brian Douglas Macleod

    Dear other fans: Fuck you.

  • “jimmy fallon as the joker”

    the fact there is a freudian slip in this article (“Affleck’s churned up a decent performance or two in his recent projects, and despite lacking the more memorable (and menacing) features of Christian Bale’s iteration, **Bale** possesses all the necessary tools to create a palatable Bruce Wayne in Batman vs Superman.”) the author doesn’t even think it is a good idea

  • Benjamin Eugene NElson

    How about we f*cking wait to see how good he is before we judge him?

    • beccabee

      This is the internet. You can say fuck if you want to.

      • fitethepower


        • B====D—Fedora’s

          shitpissfuckcuntcocksuckermotherfuckertitsfartturdandtwat. Hail satan.

          • Tits Mcgee

            fart? Woah man, calm down.

        • GUEST

          What beccabee was trying to say was “This is the internet. You can say whatever the hell we want”.

          • GUEST

            I meant you want dang typos

    • KahlevN

      How about we don’t want wasted opportunities with IP’s that we are huge fans of.

      How about we don’t want to spend money watching someone play the character that we feel is going to be painful to watch?

      How about we let Hollywood know we want them to stop fucking around with their movie math of X Director + Y Script + Z Actor = C Profit and actually gives some unknown but actually talented actor a chance who probably fits the role better?

      How about you shut the fuck up and let people have the right to their own opinion, we want to voice ours now, because by the time the movie is made it will be too late to change anything.

      • mooiemooie

        How about we stupidly act like Ben Affleck isn’t a good actor, when he’s done more than enough to show he is?

        • Alexander

          It happen with Robocop and TMNT why not Batman?

          • bstolemyremote

            You mean two movies that are both going forward, despite adverse reactions?

        • Edgar Ramos

          Actually they have cancelled entire projects based on the reaction of fan boys, its the fan boys who buy the merchandise, pay for the over priced ticket and spread the good word you stupid ignorant fuck. So yeah they care a lot about what the fans think since its the fans money they are after. How about you wake the fuck up and stop pretending Ben was not the horrible actor who absolutely destroyed Dare Devil… oh you forgot he already tried the comic book role and destroyed a whole franchise? The Batman franchise was dead until Christian Bale breathed life back into it, why must we shut the fuck up and let it be destroyed again? Think about this the guy who started in Gigli is now going to replace the role of Christian Bale!!! Think about this… this new Batman movie now has the potential… to be worse…. than… Batman and Robin with George Clooney!!!!!! I am sorry I had to bring up Gigli and Batman and Robin but it had to be done, good day sir!

          • Ross

            so you mean the same guy that stared in Argo and The Town? Gigli was 10 years ago kid. And what were the projects that were cancelled because of fanboys? Guarantee it wasn’t a DC or Marvel flck. Is he ideal maybe not, but it wont be the flop your making it out to be and certainly wont be Batman and Robin

          • GUEST

            See that’s the problem with you people! YOU people keep bringing up “Argo” and “The Town” TWO movies that are not important yeah sure Affleck won a award for one of them BUT they are not important “Daredevil” is the most important one in this case. It will be proven he can’t do it come July 2015 and it will be proven to be Batman & Robin 2.0.

          • stareffer

            im actually super positive they dont really give a fuck what fan boys think. the majority of people are not fan boys so why not cater to the masses, which i am pretty sure is people who actually enjoyed his last 2 projects a lot. Im a fucking fanboy and huge fan of movies and a ehhh fan of ben. yet I am positive he will be amazing. all you need is a good bruce wayne. which is what he will be. what he does in the suit will be minor, it will mostly be stunt men. so what does it matter? idiots

          • Benjamin Eugene NElson

            Freak out all you want, it’s your right. Just don’t wonder why comic book fanatics are considered juvinile manchildern…

      • stareffer

        How about you stop being a stupid cunt. You’re whole argument became invalid when you said “How about you shut the fuck up and let people have the right to their own opinion” That obviously makes sense, right? fucking dumbass!!

        • GUEST

          If anyone is a quote on quote “f’n dumbass” it’s YOU, f’n fool!. KahlevN was just trying to give his or her opinion in this situation. THAT obviously makes sense, right? f’n dumbass and a weak minded fool!! (evil laughing)

    • benafflecksucksdick

      How about you just go fuck yourself?

    • Negative_Return

      Are you Amish?

    • GUEST

      This is the internet, fool. WE the people can say whatever the hell we want.

  • No-you-pick-a-name

    The reasons why no one likes Ben Affleck are the same reasons why no suspects Bruce Wayne is Batman.

    • KahlevN

      That doesn’t even make any fucking sense at all.
      And people don’t like Ben Affleck because he acts like a douche, and is only non-horrible in like 2 different character types.

  • JamaalWashington

    The man who ruined daredevil wants to ruin batman

    • Nick

      Daredevil came out in 2003. Get over it. Thats like saying Heath Ledger shouldn’t be the Joker because he ruined the Taming of the Shrew…

      • Kevin Hughes

        That’s been my answer to this whole thing. Given the collective shitfit that everyone, myself included, when they heard Heath Ledger was going to be the Joker… I’m going to withhold judgement this time.

      • GUEST

        JUST because Daredevil is a 2003 movie it doesn’t mean people can forget it!! THE ONLY reason why Heath Ledger got heat was they didn’t think Heath could do it so YOU need to get over it. The fact of the matter is if Bennifer couldn’t do it in Daredevil he’s not going to do it in Batman & Robin 2.0.

    • Adam Dreifus

      Mark Steven Johnson?

  • jimmyt

    ITs not a cawww

  • Ryan Bischoff

    he shouldve made a movie poopshoot reference

  • mw

    Worst Batman choice EVER

  • MStep

    Ben Affleck is an incredible actor, talented writer and an even more talented director. People love to jump the bandwagon and complain because they have to pick a stance, and the easiest stance is the one you don’t have to fight for. Ben doesn’t do anything half-ass, and when he played Daredevil, that was a different Affleck, and to be honest, the movie was directed like shit – it had nothing to do with Affleck’s ability to act. Give the guy a break, he gave us ARGO for fuck’s sake.

    • SeekTruth911

      Do people ever look at you funny? Like your smell resembles the smell of Ben Affleck’s butt crack?

    • woodycanuck

      Nice try, Ben…

    • youareanidiot

      I’m surprised you were able to type all that with afflecks dick so far down your throat!

  • guest

    This is almost as bad as that time they casted Heath Ledger as The Joker, and we all know how that turned out…oh, wait.

  • FU

    Yeah sure because we wouldn’t want Affleck to spoil the growling man dressed in a rubber suit character, previously played by anyone and written by predictable writers.

    • mooiemooie

      Haha, so true.

    • Carter

      Batman is just a silly Dick Tracy ripoff, always has been. If you actually go back and read the pre-1980s alt comix Batman comics, you’ll see that Adam West was the truest on-screen portrayal, and Batman Returns is still the best Batman movie.

      Superheroes are really fucking silly. Treating them really really seriously and making them dark and gritty is not how you make them “believable.”

  • The Realist

    Very classy but Argo was still an overrated piece of crap.

    • mooiemooie


  • duckab234

    He’s gonna make all you fanboy fucks eat his shit, and then shit it out, and then eat your shit which is really his shit that you shat out.

    • GUEST

      YOU SURE ABOUT THAT? YEAH I didn’t think so.

  • Nick Mordowanec

    Cuz tomorrow I’m gonna wake up and I’ll be 50, and I’ll still be doin’ this shit. And that’s all right. That’s fine. I mean, you’re (Christian Bale) sittin’ on a winnin’ lottery ticket. And you’re (Christian Bale) too much of a pussy to cash it in, and that’s bullshit. ‘Cause I’d do fuckin’ anything to have what you (Christian Bale) got. So would any of these fuckin’ guys. It’d be an insult to us if you’re (Christian Bale) still here in 20 years. Hangin’ around here is a fuckin’ waste of your time (Christian Bale)

  • woodycanuck

    Alfred: Where is the Batmobile, sir?
    Bruce: I got wicked smashed last night. I think I pahked the cah At Hahvad Yahd

  • Me…

    Christian Bale sucked with his weird Bat-voice. Seriously, The best Batman ever was Michael Keeton… No ONE actor is gonna play a role forever, so I don’t know why people freak out and get all surprised. Maybe he will kick ass as Batman. Everyone said that Christian Bale was gonna bomb then everyone loved him (I still can’t figure that one out! LOL!) I personally thought the movie was good but Christian Bale wasn’t.

    • mooiemooie

      Keaton was awesome. Way too few people are willing to actually go back and revisit owe Batmans to realize how good he was.

      Bale was weak, Nolan was fantastic. But people don’t understand how movies work so they’ll always blame/credit the star.


    it seems that you guys don’t remember your reaction when Heath Ledger was announced as the joker…

    • mooiemooie


      • pija


  • fu

    I am more worried about Zack Snyder.. I mean David Goyer is probably gonna write a decent script… with tons and tons of plotholes.
    But the last movie I REALLY liked from Zack Snyder was the Dawn of the Dead remake in 2004. So yeah. Prepare for forgettable B movie!

    • mooiemooie

      That’s the thing everyone seems to be forgetting! Snyder sucks, Man of Steel sucked, and Henry Cavill was a weak Superman. affleck’s almost immediately the best part of the movie.

  • nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Another weak looking lame metrosexual as batman. no thx.

    I wanted an older stronger wiser batman. Or at least someone who looks like a strong expert martial artist and can fight.

  • Jon


  • Toko Sepeda Majuroyal Bike

    HAHAHAHA… as like Ben’s Picture above

    Good Luck Ben…

  • Tripppsssss

    Correction: He didn’t say ” I can handle any snub. ”

    He said, ” I can handle Emmy snub.”

  • benafflecksucksdick

    Hey, maybe Ben Affleck will die of some horrible disease or some tragic accident and then we’ll stop hating him quite so much.

  • tmservo

    I keep thinking of him explaining to Jay & Silent Bob the nature of the internet.

  • ChakaLutherKing

    …but Affleck was the bomb in phantoms

    • Jay

      word bitch phantoms like a motherfucker

  • Tim

    It’s not Afflecks fault. The whole Dark Knight concept is so not right for Bob Kane’s Batman. Batman and Superman belong in the thirties, or, rather, a seriously stylised version of it – and by the way, just like weedy Jackman in X-Men, none of the actors who have ever played BM and SM have been muscley enough.

  • Shadowulf McCullough

    might have been able to give it a chance if they had not put a script in the hands of Justin Beiber to play along side him I will give no chance to a movie with him in it at all.

  • Chartreuse

    Honestly, I think he’s a good actor. He was fantastic in his role in Argo. He has shown the ability to adapt to different roles and keep the integrity of the character. I don’t believe that the abysmal ‘Daredevil’ movie adaptation is much of an indication to his acting abilities as it was over produced and the writing was just horrendous. That’s not the fault of the actor- he did his job by saying his lines and performing as best as he could. The disconnect with that movie was in the writing, and directing. Not to mention, 10 years ago the attitude towards comic book adaptations was antagonistic despite the rampant success of the X Men movies. Now with the unrivaled success of the avengers, iron man, thor, and countless other successful comic book franchises, it’s an incredible source of income.

    TL;DR- Don’t deny it- you still want to see it regardless of if it is bad or not otherwise you wouldn’t have taken the time to read the article and express your feelings.

  • Scarecrow

    Okay then Daredevil..

  • Expert

    There’s no way there can be a Batman that’s worse than Christian Bale’s sharp-chinned-husky-voiced-WTF-is-that-? portrayal. Just as much as there can be no more overrated performance as Heathe Ledger’s credit-taking of Ichi-the-killer+Jack Nicholson’s Joker. Ben Affleck at least looks like Bruce Wayne. Everything else is yet to be seen.

  • Rob Bell


  • Nate Kelly

    I have faith in you, Ben.

  • Miss LeAnn

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    ….Who Dat, Dat Say “Who Dat” Every Time Dat I Say Who Dat, “Who Dat”?….
    ….Nobody Be Done Does It Better Than The “Captain Kutchie” Be Done Did!….
    ….At A Time Like This, I Can’t Help But Think, What Would “Captain Kutchie” Say?….
    With They’re Olive Oil Voice And Guinea Charm, The Damn Dago Wop
    Grease-Ball Goombahs Are Out To Steal Everyone’s Grease! The
    Scumbags!….That’s Probably What Captain Kutchie Might Say!…
    ….Looks Like That Scary Snow Snake!….”Albino Cobra”…..Wasting My Time….
    and Captain Kutchie Pelaez’s Key Lime Pies Are Really As Good As
    Everyone Says They Are. The Proof Is In The Pudding, They’re That Damn
    ….With “Anita’s and Kutchie’s” World Famous Key Lime Pies You Will Always Eat, Drink and Be Murray!
    ….”Captain Kutchie” Of Key Lime Pie Fame Always Told Me “Keep You’re Friends Close But Keep You’re Enemies Closer”.
    that’s a go!….ok….go…….please go away now!……go to your room now!….well
    if you don’t go now, i will!….bye-bye….i am gone now, you can stop
    reading, cause i am gone……i am really gone now!
    ….i can’t believe that you are still reading this! you believe that?
    ….i can’t believe that we ate that whole key lime pie!…
    “Rooms To Go” did good, maybe the “Pelaez’s” should change their name
    to “Key Lime Pies To Go”, Yeah-What Do You-All Think? Is That A
    Go?……go to your room now!….BYE!….

    ….With “Captain Kutchie” It Is Known As “The Battle Of The Bulge”!….,
    ….Ain’t It A Kick In The Head?…..Damn Straight It Is!….

    ….I Saw Captain Kutchie’s Dick Before…”OMG!!!”…DID YOU SEE HIM?….

  • TrueVisionary 【ツ

    I just don’t see Affleck having the depth to pull this off, people will see this movie and see Affleck, not Bruce Wayne. Some stars can pull off playing themselves in everything, I don’t think BA can. Yes, people are passionate about their comic book heroes, just like SciFi fans – genres long snubbed by Hollywood A-Listers as just “jobs” if they stoop down at all. Clooney as an example. That’s the problem with A-listers, movies tend to become all about them, re: Tom Cruise. Heath Ledger did not have nearly the name recognition when he was cast, so allowances were made and he excelled. Maybe BA can pull off a Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, I wish him luck. It’s our dime if we want to see him try. Remember it is the entire production team who chose Affleck and think he fits with their “vision” of the movie, who knows what they have in mind.

  • Guy

    I don’t care what you say, Ben. You fucking SUCK.

  • darkwolf27325

    ben Affleck will always be the dipsh!t in dazed and confused to me.

  • Guy

    After watching the new Batman V Superman trailers, I cam confirm that Affleck is as big of a piece of shit dissapointment as I’ve assumed.

    “Do you bleed?”

    Is this suppose to be badass? LOL

    You’re fucking garbage Affleck, and I hope Batfleck dies in this film, though I know he won’t.

    Affleck you’re a piece of shit for accepting this role and thinking you’ll actually be a positive role in the franchise, you arrogant piece of trash.

    • Guy


  • Nelson K Nelson

    This horribly dull actor and Islamocoddler wouldn’t know danger if it bit him. In the Ben-Afflicted version, Batman gets killed by Islamists he thinks are “friends”.