Check Out Ben Affleck’s BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Concept Art

We’ve only known about Ben Affleck starring as Batman in the “Man of Steel” sequel for several weeks, but we’re already getting some visuals on what the costume may look like. Drawn by DC Comics artist Steve Scott, we have some very detailed concept art of Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader.

The picture was originally posted on the Comic Art House Facebook page and offered for sale. The only comment was left by Scott himself stating, “Wrong one.” The picture was then removed.

It should be noted that Scott also did the artwork for “The Dark Knight” comic book, and has also worked on the ‘Smallville” digital comic.

While at first glance it make look official, this seems to be some work that Scott did for fun. If you closely at the center, you’ll see the caption, “No Bat Nipples.” Probably not something you would write on official commissioned work.

Still, this is a cool idea for Affleck’s Batsuit. I’m not a fan of the Bat-insignia being yellow, but the rest of the costume looks pretty good. I will say it does bear some resemblance to the Nolan costume, which makes sense considering Scott’s affiliation with the last franchise.

Still, it was fun to see what a possible costume would look like, and with production not starting until January, it’s possible we’ll see more costume ideas popping up in the near-future.

SOURCE: ComicBookMovie