Behold The Darth Vader Whopper

It’s officially 2012, and that means that we’re only a few weeks away from George Lucas’s 3D relaunch of Star Wars Episode 1. Say what you will about the prequels, but I’m personally looking forward to this flick…not in a “Man, this is gonna be The Dark Knight of 2012″ type of way, but more of a “I need to recharge my Lucas rage” way.

Well, if there’s only one good thing coming out of this movie, it has to be Burger King‘s film tie-ins. Hear me out…the French versions of our beloved BK are making special edition “Darth Vader” whoppers, topped off with a black bun and everything. Did I forget to mention that they’re also making a Jedi Burger, but who really cares about that mess.

Check out this ridiculous pic below.

Personally, I’m a little disgusted by the whole notion of eating a ‘black bun’. Not because the color itself is unappetizing, but because I’ve always considered myself a Light-Sided Force wielder…and this feels a little bit too much like dabbling in the dark arts.  What say you, young apprentice?

Oh and may the burger sauce be with you!