THE AVENGERS Tickle Tummies in New Gag Reel

The gang’s finally back together and ready to go!

In anticipation of The Avengers Blu-ray release, Marvel has treated us with 4 sumptious minutes of star spangled, hammer wielding, line fumbling, behind the scenes fun from Joss Whedon’s production.

Between Tom Hiddleston’s impression of the villainous Alan Rickman (Professor Snape for all of you know-nots) and Agent Coulson’s accidental “f***s”, this clip is a perfect way to start the day. Or end it. Maybe even middle it.  I wouldn’t want to presume anything about your time zone.

That’d just be rude.

The Avengers will hit stores September 25th, full of good ol’ Blu-ray exclusives, like the short film Item 47 (which we’ll review on the 10th!!!)

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  • Joshua Vandenberg

    i love the fact this story is posted but when you click the video link it says the video is private and doesnt play LOL

    • Leopara Bates

      rather large disappointment that. i’m actually a bit bummed now.