The Avengers Beats The Dark Knight Rises

You read that title right.

The Avengers is, in fact, handedly defeating The Dark Knight Rises in the battle for critical praise. According to the kind folks at Rotten Tomatoes, TDKR currently sits at 87% fresh, compared to the 98% rating The Avengers displayed when they had collected the same number of reviews (the teamup now has a 92% score).

Only 60 critics have been submitted to the aggregate site, with a couple hundred more expected in the next week, so not all is lost for this last Nolan Batman flick. The remaining members of the properly paid peanut gallery might barrage the page with high praise, although, review scores typically tumble when the flood gates are opened to the greater nay saying population.

What do you think?  Will the Caped Crusader bounce back?  Or will he have to accept his spot in line as the #2 Superhero Flick of the summer?

SOURCE: Rotten Tomatoes