Thanos Cast! Vin Diesel Is That You?

Thanos, the Mad Titan who first revealed his Purple hued head at the end of The Avengers, has finally been cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since this massive meanie shows up a time or two in Guardians of the Galaxy, I think it’s safe to say that’s where we’ll first see him. Now, I’m not certain if he’s an actor with practical effects, a motion capture performance, or an entirely CGI creation, so my info’s really limited.

Here’s what Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige said:


“There is an actor. I’m not sure we want to announce it yet.”

Although, if the Thanos actor was walking around set of James Gunn’s GOTG last summer, I like to think that our internet sleuths would’ve figured him out. Unless an actor already cast in that film was doubly cast to portray Thanos. As you know, Vin Diesel will play the Space-Faring Ent Groot in the flick. But you might not know that Diesel’s proclaimed he’ll have a bigger role in the Marvel universe.

We’ve all assumed he meant a superhero role, like Blackbolt in an inevitable Inhumans film. But Thanos… that’s a villain worthy of Diesel’s range. I don’t mean that in any snooty way, but Diesel really shines as the gruff, tough type, as we’ve seen with his Riddick Trilogy. Thanos, with his one-note nihilism, could be the perfect marriage. Assuming, of course, that Joss Whedon will direct The Avengers 3, where Thanos is rumored to have an even larger role. One-note villains are his thing, after all.

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