Is This Our New CAPTAIN AMERICA? Sebastian Stan Signed On For 9 Movies.

SPOILERS. So many spoilers. Just turn back now!

Alright, if you’ve read Ed Brubacker’s run on Captain America, then you’re probably well aware that Winter Soldier, that grand mechanized nemesis from Marvel Studios’ next flick, is actually Cap’s World War 2 sidekick, Bucky Barnes. Well, after a brief stint as a brainwashed Soviet Assassin  Cap slaps some sense into Winter Soldier, and Bucky soon remembers his true identity. A few months later (or years, I don’t know how Comic Book time works anymore) Steve Rogers dies when Crossbones, Sin, and a brainwashed Sharon Carter unload some serious lead into the octogenarian, and the mantle of Captain America hangs in superhero limbo as the world hunts for an heir. Eventually, Bucky Barnes becomes the Captain, and all is well in the world.

All of this, by the way, occurs throughout Marvel’s Civil War, which pits Iron Man and Captain America (the Steve Rogers iteration) against each other in a pro-superhero registration vs anti-superhero registration dialogue. Civil War, of course, is one of the possible routes Marvel will drive their Original Cast of superheroes, since it’s such a segment ender. I don’t know how Robert Downey Jr. will feel about it, though, as Iron Man is uncharacteristically transformed into a government stooge and a massive villain.


winter soldier

Sebastian Stan, the actor responsible for both Bucky Barnes in The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier in… well, The Winter Soldier, is signed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for 9 Movies.


Why the hell would Marvel sign a villain to a 9 film contract, especially after (spoilers) he’s not a villain at the end of his first outing! At the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Stan’s assassin character remembers his origins, remembers his time as Bucky Barnes, and reverts to his former self. Is Sebastian Stan gonna roam the silver screen as good ol’ Bucky Barnes for the next 7 film outings. I don’t know, but I doubt it.

I think Marvel’s setting this dude up to be Captain America.

Of course, if the Russo Brothers’ (directors of The Winter Soldier) version of the Captain America mythos is THAT phenomenal, which it is by all reports, I imagine Marvel might want to extend Chris Evans’s contract. Why fix it if it ain’t broke? But… Stan still has that 9 film contract lingering over my head. Sure, those 9 films only count if Marvel calls him up to the big leagues, as they aren’t legally compelled to include him in all of those, but if Chris Evans will no longer portray Cap on the big screen (which he doesn’t want to do) then Stan is the obvious choice.

BTW, this is Bucky Barnes’s Captain America suit from the comics.

Not too shabby.

bucky barnes captain america