NICK FURY Almost Snuck Into ‘Breaking Bad’

Dammit Jesse!!!

Apparently Samuel L. Jackson wants to star as Nick Fury in everything. Besides voicing a keen interest in reprising his role as the one-eyed S.H.I.E.L.D. director in the tv series, Jackson’s also tried to weasel his way into AMC’s Breaking Bad. In other news, he also likes money (petty joke, but I just had to say it. I hope zombie Coulson doesn’t kill me in my sleep)

In a recent interview, Jackson revealed that he planned to sneak into the Pollos Hermanos set while he was filming THE AVENGERS last summer in Albuquerque, stating…

“I just wanted to order a three piece and really freak people out,” he chuckled. “Then people would be going, ‘Wow, was that him?”

As sacrilegious as it’d be to incorporate our precious Marvel franchise into the Meth dealing world of Walter White, I love Samuel L. Jackson in just about every motha fucking thing (especially when he’s rocking out as Nick Fury) so I’d be completely on board with a cameo.

Although, that’d make for a pretty awkward “Avengers Assemble!”. Can you imagine it?

“Hey Cap. It’s Fury here… I found this creepy bald science teacher who’s selling meth out of a chicken factory. There’s also some crazy skinny blond kid who seems good at killing people, so get Hulk and Thor here ASAP!”

I know Red Skull would be pretty pissed if his Heisenberg connection went out of biz…

Meth… not even once

SOURCE: Playlist