New Stills from Avengers Age of Ultron


So here are the newest Avengers stills and there isn’t too much to be excited about or hate.  The small changes to Thor and Captain America aren’t bad, but not amazing either.  I have to say I’m not digging Hawkeye’s new duds though.  Again while they are not awful, they are worse than his last outing.  I get the classic Archer look they are going for, I just don’t think it works well.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver look good, and I’m pretty impressed with the way Scarlet Witch’s look has been toned down, while still keeping a key essence of her classic look. James Rhodes can be seen with the Avengers in one of these shots, and as a huge Don Cheadle fan I am hoping his role is a bit meatier than Pepper Potts in the first flick.

With Joss Whedon stepping down after Age of Ultron is released here’s to hoping he goes out with a bang, and that we get a teaser trailer soon.

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