Marvel Steals Another DC Actor. PATRICK WILSON The Young Hank Pym?

Welp, Marvel just stole another DC actor.

Every true blue fanboy adores Patrick Wilson. The ol’ Waspy son of a gun portrayed Nite Owl in the Watchmen film (which was a DC production), but his boyscout demeanor lends itself to an entire pantheon of classic superheroes. He’s most often referenced in fancasts with either The Flash or Ant-Man in mind, if this latest bit of gossip is true, one of those fanboy casting is finally coming true.

While Paul Rudd has the lead role as Scott Lang locked up, and Michael Douglas is contracted to portray a modern Hank Pym, Marvel apparently requires another leading man and Patrick Wilson is numero uno on their list. All the geeky blog gossip suggests that the role is for a young Hank Pym, as a great deal of the movie will focus on flashbacks.


And all I can think is “Wow. What awesome casting. But more importantly, DC sucks at getting talent”. As a longtime ranter and raver in the fanboy community, I’m well aware of the de facto “lead actors” when it comes to potential superhero films. I also happen to be a Marvel fanboy, so I’ve often lamented the fact that DC would likely claim some of these great leading men for themselves: Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Chris Pratt, Paul Bettany, Paul Rudd, and Patrick Wilson. But they haven’t. They’ve actually been really REALLY terrible about securing the best of the best. Sure, they’ve assembled an interesting cast in Batman vs Superman, but hardly as diverse as Guardians of the Galaxy or even Ant-Man.

I know. I know. DC’s behind the 8-ball. They’re a few years late to this superhero movie party, but they should still hit the ground running, and sign as many talented actors to their multi-year Justice League movie contracts as they possibly can. Ya dig?

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Source: Deadline