That’s totally Captain America’s Marvel NOW! suit, isn’t it?  While not nearly as cool as The Winter Soldier digs (I love me some Steve Rogers, Agent of SHIELD action), this is leaps and bounds above Joss Whedon’s previous attempt at a Cap’s threads.  Remember the first Avengers movie?  What a joke. Yeah…. this is loads better.
Captain America first look Ultron

new captain america suit

avengers age of ultron captain america suit

While superhero flicks usually struggle to establish a function to their superhero costume’s form (look at the Batman Begins ‘assembly’ montage, or the first Iron Man movie where Tony’s classic gold color scheme is explained as anti-icing precautions), Joss Whedon fully embraces the superhero genre, which I don’t really appreciate. I love when these comic book movie at the very least ATTEMPT to excuse the garish  bizarre aesthetics of their vigilantes with some sort of pseudo-scientific reasoning. Whedon’s revels in the goofiness, which explains Captain America’s awful red, white, and blue pajamas in the first Avengers.

Well, this new suit looks a bit less realistic than either the first Captain America or The Winter Soldier, it’s still better than The Avengers suit. What do you think?

Oh, here’s Captain America’s suit form the Marvel NOW! relaunch, for comparison.  The Age of Ultron suit is almost identical.

captain america suit


Source: CBN