Angry Birds Movie is a Hot Mess

Have you ever wondered what a movie based on Rovio’s hit game Angry Birds would look like? Yea, me neither. But that didn’t stop the folks from TheQuarterBin from taking a stab at it. Inspired by British cult classic Snatch, their fan film is an attempt to capture the silliness of Birds while mixing in some much needed sexiness…compliments of a group of slutty American assassins. Check it out:

So what’d you guys think? I’m not exactly crying from laughter, but it was funny enough. As long as you have sexy, scantily clad women playing with explosives and heavy artillery…how could you do wrong? For more great fan videos and a behind the scenes look at the making of this Angry Birds movie, check out TheQuarterBin and let us know what you think @FanboyUnleashed.