AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Trailer Hints To The Sinister Six

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A few teasers for the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have made their way online. The full trailer will be making it’s online debut in two days. Ahead of our first look, a low resolution trailer from Russia has leaked. While we won’t post that footage here. There was something that caught my eye. Below is a blurry screengrab from the leaked footage. It shows possible villain technology (from Oscorp?)  in-cased in glass. These are most likely Ock’s robotic arms and Vulture’s wings.

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I have to assume this is the Oscorp lab or The Ravencroft Institue. The latter is known for housing notorious villains.  My opinion is that Spider-Man 2 will setup Doctor Octopus and The Vulture. Two founding members of the villainous supergroup, The Sinister Six. Marc Webb has been teasing the inclusion of the Sinister Six. Also, that Oscorp could be contributing to the origins of these supervillains. It’s possible that Oscorp has created this technology (or aided it’s development). Which will be used by the Spidey villains in future films.

It’s been confirmed that Electro, The Rhino and Green Goblin (or Hobogoblin?) will be the major villains of the film. There have also been viral hints to Venom, Hobogoblin (not an Osborn) and The Shocker. Felicity Jones has been rumored for the role of Black Cat, since her addition to the cast. Colm Feore, known for playing villains in Thor and The Chronicles of Riddick joined the cast in an unnamed role. It was believed but not confirmed this role was Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture. While I’d love to see the Sinister Six make it’s debut in the franchise. I’m not sure if the sequel will be the stage for this gathering. There had been speculation that the cliffhanger of the second film would lead into the Sinister Six teaming-up in Amazing Spider-Man 3. That remains to be seen for this upcoming installment. However, with all these villains being introduced/teased, it’s not hard to think it will happen soon.


Do you think Sony and director Marc Webb are adding too many villains? Are you excited that Doc Ock might be returning? Is it about time that The Vulture and The Sinister Six are included in the franchise? Leave your comments below!

UPDATE: We have an HD shot of that same image, which clearly is Doc Ock’s arms and Vutlure’s wings. 

OsCorp developing Doc Ock and Vulture technology

OsCorp developing Doc Ock and Vulture technology