AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Poster Giving Us First Looks At The Rhino And Green Goblin

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A new possible poster for Amazing Spider-Man 2 is making the rounds on Twitter. This hasn’t been confirmed by Sony but it does look legit. You can view the full poster here. I cropped the image slightly below. Allowing us to focus on the two other villains in the poster. Those being, the Rhino and the Green Goblin. Our first looks at the characters in their supervillain forms. We’ve seen Paul Giamatti running around on set as a Russian gangster (also in a motion capture prop suit). However, not in his full Rhino mech-suit. This is also the first glimpse of the Green Goblin. You can clearly see him in the background on his glider. There have been hints recently that he could be Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), instead of Norman (Chris Cooper). I’m curious if they used a Goblin design, similar to the one rejected from Raimi’s first film. The design from Studio ADI looked more faithful to the comics. It also was scary as hell. Compared to the Power Ranger Goblin that made it into the final film.

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Electro (Jamie Foxx) is also on the poster. Showing us, what is likely half of the Sinister Six lineup. We keep hearing that Amazing Spider-Man 3 could see the rise of the villain supergroup. Paul Giamatti has confirmed he’ll be reprising his role in next sequel. The Daily Bugle viral site has been hinting to other villains such as Hobgoblin, Venom and Shocker. Sony revealed last week, that they have Spidey spin-offs in the works. These would include characters other than the Venom film. That project has Josh Trank (Chronicle, Fantastic Four) attached to direct. It’s very possible that we could see Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man 2099 and Black Cat becoming possible candidates. Felicity Jones (Like Crazy) is rumored for the role of Felicia Hardy. A friend of Peter Parker’s who just happens to be the anti-heroine Black Cat. Black Cat and The Vulture were originally going be the villains in Sam Raimi’s axed Spider-Man 4.

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