TEEN TITANS GO! “The Left Leg” Review

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. I guess that might be the moral here. Well, maybe. Spoilers ahead.

Anyway, in this segment, Cyborg (Khary Payton) build an awesome robot, and like Voltron, each Titan can control a part of it. Robin (Scott Menville) gets the left leg, much to his disappointment. After all, he reasons, he is the leader. Shouldn’t he get the head? Not to mention that legs can’t do anything!

Unfortunately, on the first test-drive, thanks to a lack of team-work from Robin’s side, the team can’t even apprehend Kitten (Tara Strong) of all people. That’s bad, obviously. Can Robin turn the lame left leg into something special?

I liked this episode, mostly because of the love letter to old mecha shows, notably Voltron, as previously stated. The fact that we get actual, kick-butt mecha fights here is something that surprised me. When Gizmo (Lauren Tom) arrived with his robot army, I was pretty happy.

Otherwise, Robin was really cool here too. Not only was Menville’s voice work stand-out, but Robin was just likeable. At first, yeah, he was against the whole left leg thing, but after having time to think about it, he realized that he would have to make the best of it. BY CUSTOMIZING IT WITH MISSILES AND OTHER COOL STUFF! YEAH! Never let it be said that Robin can’t improve on a dire situation.

In fact, Robin manages to dodge the moral of the episode. At the end, once again, Cyborg does the whole “No I in Team” thing, and Robin then beats Gizmo on his own..with only his left leg. Sorry, Cy, but I guess Robin has the whole “loner” thing down pat.

So, um, yeah. Watch this. Because mecha fights + cool Robin = really good episode.