TEEN TITANS GO! “Staring at the Future” Review


The latest episode of Teen Titans Go! not only involves time travel, but even has some real meat to it! Spoilers ahead!

In this segment, Cyborg (Khary Payton) and Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) have a staring contest to decide who will get the last slice of pizza. The contest lasts 30 years. Afterwards, the two friends exit the pizza store, and enter a whole new world.

Robin (Scott Menville) is now Nightwing, has married Batgirl (Robin x Starfire shippers won’t be happy!), and even had a kid. Starfire (Hynden Walch) has become queen of her home planet, Tamaran. As for Raven (Tara Strong), she has finally defeated her father, and become a goddess who protects the universe.

As you can imagine, being a father, queen, or goddess all takes responsibility. However, Cyborg and Beast Boy are horrified that their friends have all become responsible adults, so the only course of action is to go back in time and stop their friend from becoming mature grown-ups!


I must say this: quality-wise, this might be the best episode of the show yet. Not only is it very funny, but we even get a plot, with some really clever, thoughtful, and even emotional moments. At first, I was pretty surprised when Nightwing announced that he had married Batgirl (who, fans will be happy to notice, is also voiced by Tara Strong, reprising the role). But after he informs the others how much he loves his family, I was sold. It was a genuine “feels” moment.

The writing was mostly all-around good and enjoyable. I love Beast Boy’s “Eh, whatever” reaction to Raven’s god-hood.

If I had to mention a negative, unfortunately, it would be the two main characters. I just find Beast Boy and Cyborg to be so annoying in this show sometimes, and they almost wrecked the episode for me. Like I mentioned above, the two idiots don’t want their friends to be responsible, so they plot to stop that, even after their friends inform them how great their current lives are.


So, in the end, the two guys create a world where Earth has been taken over by robots(possibly Manhunters!), and apparently, this is an improvement.


The ending left me feeling a bit annoyed, but otherwise, a really great episode. Even if you’ve been avoiding the show, this is one episode to watch!