TEEN TITANS GO! “Starfire the Terrible” Review


Starfire is obviously the kindest member of the Titans. You are probably thinking: what is the deal with the episode title? You’ll see!

In this segment, Robin (Scott Menville) is told by his “friends” that he can’t be a true hero unless he has an arch-enemy. Robin resigns himself to the fact that he just might not be cool enough for an arch-enemy, when Starfire (Hynden Walch) kindly offers to become an evil villain, a Joker to his Batman, a Sinestro to his Green Lantern, a Lex Luthor to his Superman, etc. At first, the Titans all laugh at her. The laughs soon turn into deathly silence.

This was a really fun episode, one of the main reasons being Starfire. From all the Titans, she has had the least things to do in this show, possibly because she has the least manic personality. She manages to pretty much steal the episode, and the irony that she is trying to be evil so that she can win favor with Robin isn’t lost.


The scenes where she builds her own costume, finds a henchmen, and then creates her own evil base (in the backyard of the Titans Tower) are all really great, and you have to love how she sticks to the classics (piranha-filled death traps).

I’ll also give credit to Walch, she voiced Starfire so sweetly that, even as a villain, she remains likeable, even when she resorts to drastic measures.

Some last notes: Who else thinks that Motorcycle Monday should be a thing? And technically, wouldn’t Slade count as Robin’s “arch-enemy”?