TEEN TITANS GO! “No Power” Review


Powers can be important for a hero. But are they everything?

In “No Powers”, Robin (Scott Menville) gets annoyed when his fellow Titans easily over-come one of his training sessions by using their powers. So, Robin gives them a challenge: go 24 hours without using any powers! The winner(s) get to become the new leader(s) of the Teen Titans!

As with most Robin episodes, this one focuses on his insecurities, such as the fact that he is the only member with no powers. But by daring his team-mates to go a whole day without powers, he hopes that if they can’t do it, it’ll make him seem all the more impressive. In that respect, I think the episode does a good job of getting the viewer to sympathize with Robin.


Although, it is funny seeing the other spoiled Titans try to get through everyday life minus any special powers. Apparently, Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) can’t even open a pickle jar without his powers, and Raven (Tara Strong) floats so much, she can barely even walk!

As usual, Robin continues to be one of the funniest Titans (Scott Menville does such a good job), and BB continues to be the most annoying. Whenever he says, “Brah”, I want to hit him. Really bad.

So, yeah. I liked it. Oh, and for once, no one dies in the ending. Whoah!