TEEN TITANS GO! “Power Moves” Review


When heroes combine their powers, this can lead to epic results. Apparently, it can also lead to hijinks!

Cyborg (Khary Payton) and Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) do everything together, like playing video games, eating, and fighting crime. Now, they also do “power moves”. Power Moves are when two heroes both use one of their attacks, and combine it.

At first, Robin (Scott Menville) and the others aren’t impressed, but after Robin and Cyborg pwn some villains with a combined technique, Robin gets hooked, and forces Cyborg to become his power move partner, even going so far as to hijack Cyborg’s body!


I liked this episode. It can be pretty strange, even for this show, but I don’t think it relied on that factor to be interesting. You see, the power move idea is actually a good idea, and a callback to one of the earlier episodes of the original Teen Titans animated series (can you guess which?)

So it can be funny seeing them mess up. When Cyborg and Beast Boy merge their powers, the results are usually less-then-impressive. As someone else commented, their power move usually just consisted of one of them throwing the other.

Still, the idea is still legitimate, so when Robin goes crazy over it, at first, you can sympathize. After all, if it works, they can get a serious edge over evil-doers. Of course, I don’t think combining the bo staff and the boom box would really help, but hey! Now they have a walking boom box. That is still pretty cool!

Once again, Robin is the funniest character, and I give Menville praise too. Some die-hards might not like how Robin’s portrayal can be a bit on the obsessive, manic side, but I think it works for the sake of humor.


Oh, Batman has a cameo. Old hat, you say? Well, Superman and Darkseid also have cameos. See? You now have three reasons to watch this, even if you’re not a comedy person!