TEEN TITANS GO! “Nose Mouth” Review

TTG_ep36_NoseMouth_Still01Teen Titans Go! finally returned this week, after about five weeks on holiday break. Would the show’s return be epic?

As any Titan fan knows, Raven (Tara Strong) needs to be very cautious with her powers, or else she could become like her father. She can’t abuse her powers or go all willy-nilly with them. Of course, the other Titans don’t care about that, so when Robin (Scott Menville) starts to beat them up in his sleep, the frustrated Titans beg Raven to use her dark magic. She complies. Power corrupts, however, and Raven soon decided to use her powers to “fix” anything that annoys her. Can the Titans stop her?

Raven is one of my favorite characters in this show, only behind Robin, so I’m always welcome to a segment revolving around her. Unfortunately, this episode was not my favorite.


The first five minutes are pretty funny. Robin, of course, gets some pretty humorous scenes (he trains so much, that he fights in his sleep using only muscle memory!), and the Titans have some vocal responses. And Raven’s magical solution to the problem is funny…maybe a bit painful-looking, but funny.

Unfortunately, after that, it goes downhill. Raven begins to abuse her powers, obviously, but it mostly becomes slapstick and obvious jokes. Some of the things she does doesn’t even make sense. Well, I should mention that when Raven goes to the Dark Side, her voice gets really cool and menacing, much more than I would expect from a comedy.

Remember that My Little Pony parody that Raven liked? It returns here, and while it was funny the last time, it is starting to overstay its welcome. I dare say it makes the climax all the worse.

TTG_ep36_NoseMouth_Still05By now, you may be wondering…why the heck is the episode called “Nose Mouth“? You don’t want to know.