TEEN TITANS GO! “Be Mine” Review


So, yeah. Valentine’s Day was yesterday. IMO, really fun holiday. And Teen Titans Go! also got in on the action with a romance-themed episode. Was it good?

In “Be Mine“, Terra (Ashley Johnson), angered at the fact that Raven defeated her AND trapped her in another dimension back in “Terra-ized“, jumps at the chance to get her revenge when the oblivious Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) frees her. With a Valentine’s Dance forthcoming, sparks will fly between Terra, Beast Boy, and Raven (Tara Strong).

Back in December, you might remember I didn’t care for the Christmas episode. It wasn’t bad at all, but not really funny either. So, I’m glad to say, I liked this one. It was a pretty cheery episode.


One thing that impressed me was the sense of continuity. It directly continued from the “Terra-ized” segment, which is a first for this show. And while it can still be annoying how dense BB is, it does lead to some pretty amusing scenes.

The dialogue is at its best here (no incessant repeating like in “Waffles“), and Raven gets to do some pretty cool things (I love how she casually defeats Terra at the end). The very ending will please fan-shippers. Or make them cry. It depends.

On the negative side, we get a very pointless sub-plot in the form of Cyborg (Khary Payton) having a crush on Jynx. It doesn’t go anywhere. Robin (Scott Menville) and Starfire (Hynden Walch) have a cute little scene, though.


So, yeah, I liked it. It was a pleasant episode. And apparently, we might be getting another follow up soon. Cool.

Oh, and did Starfire try to feed Robin a beating heart? Whoa.