TEEN TITANS GO! “Matched” Review

Computers are awesome, but there are just some things they can’t do. For example, I don’t think a computer is ideal for finding a lover. Spoilers ahead.

When Cyborg (Khary Payton) tests out his new Love Matcher 5000 program, it leads to some strange results. It pairs Starfire (Hynden Walch) up with….Aquaman, much to the horror of Robin (Scott Menville). Meanwhile, it also pairs up Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) to a very un-amused Raven (Tara Strong). This can only lead to hi-jinks.

Unfortunately, this episode wasn’t as funny as it could have been. This could have led to some really funny moments (and there are some), but mostly, I wasn’t feeling it. Robin is still pretty funny when he over-reacts, but Cyborg’s reactions are a bit much. And at first it’s funny when Raven beats up Beast Boy whenever he tries to flirt, but after awhile, it just becomes more and more slapstick.

Another missed opportunity is Aquaman. I was hoping that he would appear more, but we have to settle with a cameo at the end. Speaking of, the ending of this episode is the most note-worthy moment.

Raven finally gives in, and decides to marry Beast Boy. Seconds before they can kiss….Cyborg announces that his program was on the fritz. Yeah. Oh, and Beast Boy’s real love is…a scratching post. Same for Starfire. What? This leads to a very amusing final image. Starfire is chasing Beast Boy, Robin and Aquaman are crying while holding each other, Cyborg is doing repairs, and it’s all crazy and strange.

But that final bizarre moment doesn’t save the episode from being mediocre. Not the Go‘s worst, or best. Average.

Final note: Is it just me, or does the Love Matcher’s screen resemble the villain select screen from Mega Man?