TEEN TITANS GO! “Legs” Review

TTG_ep37_Legs_Still01Last week’s episode of Teen Titans Go! was pretty underwhelming. This week, we had another Raven (Tara Strong) themed episode. Was it better?

Yes, it was loads better. It was, I dare say, the best episode in a long while. Oh, right, the plot summary. Raven, as always, is pretty withdrawn, not even coming out of he shell when the other Titans hold an impromptu dance party. Her concerned teammates decide that maybe her cloak is the reason she acts so depressed.

They steal it, and Cyborg (Khary Payton) ends up putting it on…and turns emo. Raven, meanwhile, free from the burden of her magical cape, becomes much more outgoing, even going so far as to give herself a new costume and moniker – Lady Legasus, after the other Titans (Beast Boy especially) notice her legs. But after Cyborg goes too far, can the Titans convince Raven to put the cloak back on?

TTG_ep37_Legs_Still02This episode is loads of fun. Seeing Raven get all confident, kicking villains butts all Chun-Li style, is great. And Cyborg gets some really cool lines as the “new” Raven. Special attention should go to voice actors Tara Strong and Khary Payton, who really sold their reversed roles. The voice actors had fun with it, and you could tell. If the VAs were less, the episode might not have been half as entertaining.

Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) gets some funny scenes too. The series has already said that BB has a crush on Raven, so once she starts wearing much less than usual, well, it catches his attention. What could have been really annoying is actually pretty cute, and one of my favorite scenes is the final one. Let’s just say that Raven can flaunt it!

TTG_ep37_Legs_Still05And of course, as usual, there are little Easter eggs laying around, such as a newspaper clipping that shows Raven stepping on Darkseid (!), so watch out for them.

A great, funny episode. Recommended.