TEEN TITANS GO! “Lazy Sunday” Review

We’ve all experienced it. You know, that “Lazy Sunday” where you just don’t want to do anything other than loaf around? That’s the one. But can that make for an engrossing episode? Spoilers.

I’ll say this up front: I find Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) to be the most annoying character in Teen Titans Go, with Cyborg (Khary Payton) sometimes coming in at a close second. I also hate the whole “Dude” personality and lingo. So, if I seem harsh on this episode, you’ll know why.

In this segment, Beast Boy and Cyborg buy a new sofa to lounge on. Unfortunately, that buzz-kill Robin (Scott Menville) sells it to the community center, and replaces it with a treadmill. At first, BB and Cyborg are horrified…but soon learn that exercise can be cool too. But after they slowly become addicted to working out, they realize that they must save the couch!

I didn’t like the episode. Almost the whole thing revolves around Beast Boy and Cyborg being as annoying as they humanly can. And I feel like choking them whenever they say something like, “Chill, bro” or, “Relax, dude”. Ugh, I hate “cool” talk.

The rest of the episode is just bland, and even the “shocking” ending is just meh. Basically, the Titans rob the community center. Wait, what? And the Titans don’t just rob them, they also rub it in. Our heroes…

There are some good moments. There are these two spirits, the couch and treadmill spirits, and they’re pretty cool. And, in the episode’s best scene, the Robin from “Super Robin” returns, and it seems he still has his mad grappling hook skills!

Otherwise…this episode annoyed me, and I garnered almost no entertainment from it. Skip this, unless you think seeing “The dudes chillax” will be fun.