TEEN TITANS GO! “Ghostboy” Review

What happens when you hate half of an episode, and then love the other half? I guess this! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

In “Ghostboy”, resident prankster Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) tricks the naive Starfire (Hynden Walch)into thinking that she killed him, which means that now she will have to do anything he commands her to do (it’s an Earth thing, apparently). However, once Starfire discovers the ruse, she and the other Titans decide to give Beast Boy a taste of his own medicine. But then their plan backfires….

You see, here is my dilemma: I really disliked the first half of the segment. It wasn’t funny, the jokes were all centered on smelly clothing, and Beast Boy was unnecessarily rude and just awful to Starfire. I didn’t laugh once, and I wanted to punch Beast Boy’s grin off his face!

But then the second half arrived. In the second half, the team convinces BB that he really is dead. However, he takes the news better than they anticipated, and decides to go jump in a volcano for the heck of it. Since he obviously really isn’t a ghost, the Titans give chase. And than possibly the funniest sequence in the show arrives!

The Titans all get killed off one by one.

No. I am not kidding. The segment gets morbid fast. While climbing the volcano to save Beast Boy, the end up becoming ghosts themselves! Robin (Scott Menville) takes his death the best (“I can fly now, I have superpowers!”) while Raven (Tara Strong) and Starfire die in humorously random ways (lasers from SPACE!) The real kicker is the ending: Beast Boy reveals that he knew their plan all along. And then….he dies to. And it is awesome.

So…I’ve decided to give this one two stars. I feel its only fair, since only half was good. But what a good half it was!