TEEN TITANS GO! “Colors of Raven” Review

Remember that episode of Teen Titans where Raven traumatized Dr. Light, and later, when Beast Boy and Cyborg enter Raven’s mind, they find a bunch of different-colored Ravens that stood for her emotions? This Teen Titans Go! segment is basically the comedy version.

Like the original version, this segment begins with the Titans fighting the always lame Dr. Light (Scott Menville, replacing Rodger Bumpass). In fact, Dr. Light is so lame, that Robin (also Scott Menville) encourages the other Titans to make bad puns while fighting. In the end, Raven (Tara Strong) effortlessly defeats Dr. Light….without saying a pun.

This is where the plot starts to change. Dr. Light had been trying to steal some magical gem. The gem somehow ends up splitting Raven into five different colors, which I won’t give away here, each of which stands for one of Raven’s oppressed emotions (one of the Raven clones is in love with Beast Boy. Sub-text?)

However, the Raven clones soon start to rebel, so the Titans go on a mission to capture and merge all the clones, so that “their” Raven can return.

And…that’s the whole episode. Nothing surprising, no weird twist ending, no strange jokes, etc. This is a by the numbers episode. Tara Strong does a really, really good job voicing all the emotions, and it proves that she has really good range, and the animation really stands out when the Raven emotions are casually warping reality, but otherwise…I can’t think of much notable things to say about this one.

Um…I guess I still recommend it, since it was hardly a bad episode. It just didn’t stand out too much.