TEEN TITANS GO! “Books” Review

Reading is awesome, and so are books. But reading can also be addicting. That’s pretty much the plot of the latest Titans Go episode.

No, really. In “Books“, Raven (Tara Strong) lends Robin (Scott Menville), Beast Boy (Greg Cipes), Cyborg (Khary Payton), and Starfire (Hynden Walch) books after they complain about boredom. In just a few hours, the Titans all realize that they love (and I mean LOVE) books.

But….they have all finished Raven’s books, and she refuses to share because they wrecked her Book Club. So they decide to go dig around for some books. I wonder where the library is?

Most of the humor in this episode revolves around the Titans acting over-the-top because of books. I am an avid reader myself, but at times I found it to be a bit sillier than necessary.

For example, it was kinda funny when the Titans panicked and got withdrawal symptoms when they were denied precious books. But when they literally start digging in their backyard for books, I got annoyed. Just head to a bookstore, guys!

The climax is also a mixed bag. I don’t plan on spoiling it this time, but it involves a magic book that the Titans probably should not have read. The climactic scene had some funny moments, with the Titans being forced to participate in something they didn’t want to, but other parts dragged on or made no sense. I know this is a comedy, but how can a wild animal ever hope to fight the Titans?

This episode is still pretty easy to watch, and most of the negatives could be nit-picking, and you have nothing to lose by watching it. So go ahead. Or you can just read a book.