BEWARE THE BATMAN “Sacrifice” Review

The latest episode of Beware the Batman decides to get ambitious, by bringing in multiple sub-plots, while also introducing a new character. Does it work out? Spoilers ahead!

In “Sacrifice“, the chaotic Anarky (Wallace Langham) steals something from the League of Assassins, which is a pretty gutsy move. Because he still has some nerve leftover, he then makes a deal with Lady Shiva (Finola Hughes). Never let it be said that Anarky is lazy, because then he gives Batman (Anthony Ruivivar) and Katana (Sumalee Montano) a tip on how to find the League of Assassins.

It turns out that Anarky, the little sneak, was actually playing them all. He traps them all in a laboratory filled with dangerous chemicals and gasses – one of which some of Shiva’s ninjas accidentally unleash. This airborne virus is highly contagious, and if you catch it, you turn into a mindless, hulking brute…and then die. Now, Batman, Katana, and Shiva might have to work together to keep the virus from entering Gotham City!

I really liked this episode, and not just because I’m a sucker for plot heavy episodes. It was also just very high-quality, for the most part. There is something deviously fun about seeing the high-and-mighty League of Assassins getting suckered. They deserve it.

Obviously, Katana and Shiva wouldn’t be thrilled to be back together, and it shows, without becoming some petty cat fight thing. On the action side, we get some more excellent martial arts showings from Batman and Shiva, and Katana gets a really cool action scene all to herself.

There aren’t much negatives to speak of, but I must admit, I don’t like Anarky at all. In his premiere episode, “Tests“, I thought he was just boring. Here, while I admire how he was able to manipulate everyone, I still don’t care for the jerk. He comes across as immature, and his voice grates.

Also, I think that Shiva was maybe a bit underpowered. I mean, she was pretty much treated as almost nothing compared to Batman.

Otherwise, solid episode, with a twist at the end for good measure that I won’t even spoil here. But man, I knew that so-and-so would be in this show eventually!